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Grav Labs has been a staple in the scientific glass industry since 2004. They’ve remained on the cutting edge by constantly coming out with new designs. This past year has been no different for Grav Labs, and we wanted to give you a rundown on what’s new!


Earlier this year Grav launched GravStudios, a company dedicated completely to creating heady and unique glass art. Grav frequently has heady artists such as Keelo in the studio to bust out crazy pieces. Our Keelo Glass x SPG x Grav reticello set is the perfect example of the kind of prestigious work they’ve been creating! Every single component of this set is worked with a very intricate white-over-illuminati reticello pattern, making this a collectors item.

GravStudios doesn’t only create heady pieces with a big price tag. They’ve also been crafting clean spoons worked with sought-after colors like illuminati. My personal favorite GravStudios piece is their “Alien Rig.” These UFO styled pieces feature a sculpted alien face as the diffuser sitting within his spaceship! These sweet rigs are functional and fun.

Grav Labs Vaporizers

The Helix Vaporizer has been out for a while and has met rave reviews. But have you heard of the Ionix? This crazy vaporizer features not one, not two, but three different coils that can be used all at once! If you crave terps on-the-go, this is the perfect vaporizer. You can load a different flavor into each of the three coils for crazy flavor combinations, or the same flavor three times for an intense experience. You don’t have to use all three coils at once, but why wouldn’t you want to?


Double Joint Pieces

Last year Grav Labs unveiled the Android— a dual function water pipe and vapor rig with two different chambers and necks. The Android features a dab rig chamber that actually sits within the flower chamber. Both chambers are isolated from each other and function independently. The Android is similar to Grav’s Dual Joint Inline to Circ Perc tube, but the Android has two separate chambers. Therefore, you can’t dab and rip a bowl at the same time on the Android. But with the Dual Joint tube, the possibilities are endless. You could set it up with two bowls or two nails if you’d like, it’s totally up to you.

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