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The Ratchet perc is a great addition to every smoker’s toolkit.

Ratchet Percs are unique little shredders that deliver phenomenal flavor and percolation. Popularized by Burner Glassworks out of Asheville, NC, the Ratchet perc is great for both concentrates and flowers. These percs shred, they deliver a low-drag smoke that doesn’t over filter your smoke. Excessive filtration is not ideal for concentrates as it can dilute the natural flavors and terpenoids within your oils.

Ratchet percs are essentially disc percs with evenly placed slits covering the perimeter of the percolator. This design allows percs to be placed within a Ratchet perc (PERC-CEPTION!) for added filtration and a smoother smoke. The additional perc is typically some form of showerhead or Vortex perc that serves as the first form of filtration your smoke meets before traveling up into the mighty Ratchet perc.

Many of Burner’s tubes possess their signature Vortex percs. Because Burner cuts their percs in house with a high powered saw, their percs are unique. Their Vortex perc is a cross between their custom Ratchet perc and standard Turbine percs found in thousands of water pipes. The Vortex perc’s diffusion slits are placed on an angle to create a whirlpool-esque effect within the can of the pipe. If you thought the Ratchet perc looked cool, you’ve got to see a Vortex! While a Ratchet and Vortex perc may look similar in appearance, the difference lies in the amount of slits within the disc. Ratchet percs tend to have more slits to focus on percolating rather than spinning. The Vortex perc distributes its attention between both, making it a wonderful choice for smokers looking for a cool and smooth smoke.

If you’re looking for a conversation starter of a piece, you should seriously consider scooping a Ratchet piece by Burner Glassworks. Burner delivers only the highest quality glass products at crazy generous prices. Everything is made from German Schott Glass, the finest and most expensive glass in the game!

Smoke Cartel currently has a great selection of Ratchet and Vortex perc tubes.

My favorite of the bunch is without a doubt Burner’s Stemless Circ to Vortex Incycler.

Burner Glassworks Stemless Circ to Vortex Incycler

This thing functions like a dream! The Circ perc features several diffusion points that line the back wall of the tube. These diffusion points throw water and smoke up through the circular  Vortex perc. The center of the Vortex perc serves as an interior recycling cavity for water to drain and replenish the bottom chamber. This takes place constantly as you pull, creating a unique dabbing experience.

I'm also a huge fan of the Ratchet Sidecar Bubbler.

Burner Glassworks Diffused Showerhead Female Joint Sidecar

This Ratchet Bubbler delivers that sought-after Ratchet percolation in the small and portable convenience of a dry pipe. Your smoke is first filtered through a classic Showerhead perc before moving up to the star of the show— the Ratchet perc. This bubbler is perfect to get crazy Ratchet percolation on-the-go!


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