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What are Vaporizers & Vapes?

A vaporizer is a personal electronic devices that heat materials (dry herbs, wax, oils, e-juice, & more) to just before the point of combustion - activating the primary ingredients, and producing vapor (not smoke); which is a cleaner and less harsh intake than traditional smoking pipes.  True vaporization extracts all the flavors and effects of the plant material or waxes and are sometimes recommended for medical purposes.  Vaporizers can be specialized for consumption of different material types - from dry, loose leaf material, to waxes and thicker oils, to thin e-liquids and "e-juice".  They also range in power and portability, from desktop units which require more power and offer many additional features - to their smaller, lightweight and portable cousins - the portable vaporizer.

Vaporizer devices usually differ in heating methods - Convection or conduction.

Convection Heating

A convection vaporizer is usually more expensive, and first heats up ambient air and then distributes the heat across the vape-able material.  The hot air is produced is a heating chamber separate from the herb or loose leaf material.  This usually results in cleaner, smoother hits because the fine temperature of the hot air does not cause combustion.  Convection heating is considered more efficient because the hot air covers more surface area across the material, allowing for a more even heat distribution.

Conduction Heating

A conduction vaporizer uses a heating element to heat dry herb in the material chamber.  These units are usually more inexpensive, portable, and offer much faster heating times than their convection counterparts.  However, is less precise than a convection vape at temperature control and efficiency because the heating chamber can tip over the temperature for combustion and exceed the point from vaporization to smoke.  These vaporizers are our recommendation for folks to like to vape on the go cause of their ease of use, portability, and affordability.

Pax 3 Dual Use Vaporizer

Should I get a pen or a desktop vape?

Both pens and desktop vaporizers are designed to work with no more than one or two different kinds of smoke-able materials, be it e-juice, flower or concentrates. Some desktop models are compatible with all three, but you may have to buy separate devices if you like to alternate between products. Most buyers like to start with an inexpensive portable vaporizer pen that they can discretely use in public.

Even with dry herb, there is no burning of the actual product—so there is little to no smell to offend others around you.

No matter what type of product is in your vape pen, you will need to change the coil and/or wick every so often. A corroded or burnt looking coil and reduced vapor volume will alert you to when it’s time to change these elements. Some users also like to have extra pen batteries on hand in case the charge fades midway through a session. Be sure to view the accessories page to stock up on extra coils and batteries.


Dry Herb Vapes - Dab Pens - E-Juice Vapes

When it comes to vaping, every vape user has different preferences. Dry herb is a little easier to clean out of a vape pen than other product, but you will have to grind the flower thoroughly before loading the pen to get the most out of it.

Aluminum grinders work the best, although some users prefer the natural look of wooden grinders. When it comes to grinders, the more teeth it has, the better. Grinders can come as a single chamber unit or have multiple chambers for sifting and separating the content of the dry herb. Depending on the user’s needs, they may opt for a single, double, or triple compartment grinder.

Concentrates may give you a more intense hit, but they do require more frequent cleaning as they tend to leave sticky residue on the coil and inside of the pen. 

KandyPens Feather Vaporizer for Nic Salts
KandyPens Prism Vaporizer for Concentrates

 E-juice is simple to load and comes in a flavor for just about any palate. However, e-juice users will need to thoroughly clean their device before switching flavors as “ghost flavor” will be present after use and may mix with another flavor for an unpleasant taste.

This Thing Rips! Rip and Go Concentrate Vaporizer

Discretion and Flexibility

As stated above, pens give users the option of discreet portability, but some vape users prefer the social aspect that desktop vaporizers provide. These units can be more customizable than pens in terms of temperature setting, fan speed, and method of inhalation.

Desktop vaporizers will come with a whip (a long tube used for inhalation), a balloon, or both. Some units include several whip attachment points for multi-user enjoyment. Regular cleaning maintenance on the whip will help with its longevity, but you may still need to eventually replace this part.

With a balloon accessory, users wait for the bag to fill with vapor before detaching and inhaling from the balloon. Balloons may also need replacement after several uses, but both balloons and whips are relatively inexpensive. Desktop vaporizers are designed to hold more product for group settings, but single users can also utilize these units for personal use.

Vaporizer Shopping Tips

  • A vaporizer could be your go-to consumption device - think carefully about which type best suits your lifestyle. We offer a variety of vaporizers for every budget, and don't recommend skimping on a cheaper model if you're serious about vaping. It could make all the difference in experience.

  • Usually, a vaporizer is designed for use with just one type of material. The activation and combustion point differs depending on dry herb, wax, and eliquids - so make sure you choose a vape that's suitable for the material you're using. Some vaporizers are hybrids and can be used for multiple different types of materials.

  • Many of our vaporizers are protected by the manufacturer's warranty - but most common issues can be resolved by simple upkeep. Remembering to clean your vaporizer and adequately charge it can go a long way towards the life-cycle of your vape.

Vapes at Smoke Cartel

Modern technology and the growing trend of vaping have increased the design and functionality of both pen and desktop vaporizers in recent years. Vaporizer manufacturers continue to innovate, and we look forward to offering you the best device for your smoking needs!