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Quartz Nails

When it comes to choosing a nail, many smokers choose quartz over titanium or ceramic.  This is because quartz heats up nearly 3 times faster than either titanium or ceramic, and quartz is considered safer and tastier for the lack of harmful gases it can emit.  This makes quartz the material ideal for lower temperature dabs on your wax rig.  You can quickly heat a quartz nail and allow it to cool to a temperature better suited for the natural flavors of your legal concentrate.  This preserves your concentrate stash, and gets you better hits and more clouds!  But be careful not to overheat quartz -- though it is more durable than glass nails, it can still break at high temperatures.

You’ll know a quatz nail is heated properly after you begin to see flecks of red start to glow in the quartz.  Do not heat quartz until the entire bottom is red.  If you see too much red, your nail is too hot.  Generally allowing anywhere from 10-60 seconds (depending on preference and nail thickness) of cooling time will get you the best hit off of a quartz nail.  Make sure that you are also using a carb cap when taking low temperature dabs, so that none of the concentrate gets wasted.

Seasoning Quartz

Even though quartz is a food-grade material, unlike titanium, you can still improve the flavor that you get off your quartz nail by seasoning it before use.  This means heating your nail as usual and adding just a little bit of your essential oils or legal concentrate to the edge of the nail.  Some smokers like to use the reclaim from a previous sesh to season their nail in order to preserve their stash.  By seasoning quartz first, you can avoid any burnt tastes from an overheated nail.  It also enhances the natural flavors of your concentrate and gives you the opportunity to experiment with temperatures and tastes.

Lava-Quartz Technology

This Thing Rips, the brand behind the StoK R-Series Concentrate Vape Pen, just recently announced their new model: the OG Four 2.0.  This pen uses what is called “lava-quartz technology” to vaporize concentrates.  Quartz has an extremely high melting point, and because of its abundance in the earth’s crust, it could be considered a volcanic material.  This is the focus of the OG Four 2.0: it’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s very orange.

By including a quartz coil atomizer rather than a titanium or ceramic coil, the vape pen takes less time to heat up, and you can even get an extra hit or two even after the pen’s battery has been turned off.  The OG Four 2.0 also sets its temperature just right so that you can get the most out of your low temperature dabs as if they were off of your own favorite rig!

Quartz on Smoke Cartel

Depending on how you like to smoke your concentrates, Smoke Cartel likely has a quartz nail for you.  The Dabworthy Quartz Banger is a popular choice since it is lightweight and also acts as a drop down to keep heat away from your face.  There’s even a Dabworthy Banger Carb Cap made to fit it perfectly!  If you’re a traditionalist, you can always go with the simple Direct Inject Domeless Quartz Nail.  Or for an alternative, you can check out the Domeless Quartz Nail With Swing Lid Carb Cap, two quartz products bundled into one.  There’s also the Sesh Supply Quartz Honey Bucket, which works not only as a drop down and nail, but as a reclaimer and carb cap as well.

If you’ve got a Nectar Collector with 510 threading, definitely give the Nectar Collector Quartz Tip a shot for dragging across your concentrates.  Or for an entire rig purely made of quartz, check out the Virtue Quartz Mini Rig.  Your concentrates can be tastier than ever with just a couple of these simple add-ons, and keep checking back on Smoke Cartel for even more!

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