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A Look At JM Flow

JM Flow Sci Glass is a scientific glass vendor based out of Riverside, California.  The JM Flow name is tied to high standards of functionality and smooth hits.  This is due in part to their unique percolator designs, which are created with pressure and airflow distinctions in mind.  JM Flow’s original percolators are called the cross perc and the sprinkler perc, and both are highly desirable for their diffusion capabilities and ease of pull.  The sprinkler perc is now one of the most sought after percs in the glass industry for its airy feel and beautiful appearance.

The Functionality of the Sprinkler Perc

The sprinkler perc is similar to the tree perc, but instead of having straight arms, the arms flare outwards like a small firework.  The arms on the sprinkler perc usually range from 6 to 42, but unlike the tree perc, the pull isn’t too outrageous if you want to go for a piece that has more arms.  This is due to the angle of the arms -- it’s much easier to pull pressure outward than straight towards the mouth.  This outward flare also allows for the smoke and water to bounce against the body of the pipe, which creates even further diffusion.

The sprinkler perc functions like other pipes in that it forces smoke through water in the form of many small pockets of air.  Traditionally, the more small bubbles you can generate with a percolator, the smoother your hit is going to be.  The sprinkler perc is designed with this in mind, as the more arms you have, the more bubbles will occur.  The size of the arms and the bouncing motion that is forced against the walls of the pipe will also help smoke rise more evenly to the mouthpiece.

Benefits of the Sprinkler Perc

The smooth, clean, and cool hits of the sprinkler perc are great for smokers who prefer potent hits that won’t have them keeling over on the floor.  The sprinkler perc is intended for a more luxury experience, so you can focus on your environment without constantly worrying about taking your next hit.  You get more bang for your buck so to speak, which is exactly what the perfect scientific glass staple piece should do.

Sprinkler Percs at Smoke Cartel

For a classic and affordable experience with JM Flow’s sprinkler perc, you may want to try out their Sprinkler Perc Straight Tube.  This straight tube includes a fat can that uses a gridded inline to sprinkler percolation system.  For a similar approach in a different design, the Sprinkler Perc Beaker is another option with the same system.  With JM Flow, you’re also going to find a good amount of awesome recyclers that will aid with freshness and cleanliness to improve your experience even further.  The Sprinkler Perc Recycler Vapor Rig is a smaller take on this for fans of smaller rigs with stronger hits.  For a super-charged take on this, the “Mega Tornado” is the largest of JM Flow’s recyclers and boasts a sprinkler perc that uses 42 arms!

If you’re looking for a sprinkler perc that is used in conjunction with JM Flow’s other fantastic perc, the crosshair perc, you can try out the Mega Sprinkler to Cross-Crystal Ball Hornet Recycler.  This recycler is probably the most intense experience you can get out of JM Flow, and is for the smoker connoisseur!  For an even more eclectic experience, check out Smoke Cartel’s very own sprinkler perc design, “The Cookout.”  The cookout boasts powerful potency with both a sprinkler perc, a domed stereo perc, and a splash guard.

For the most luxurious smoking experience, you can always look to Smoke Cartel to stock the highest quality of glass with customer service you can count on.  Pick out your favorite style of pipe or percolation system, and browse through our extensive selection!

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