The Rise of E-Nails and Their Advantages

    Forget your torch, forget your butane, and get up on an E-Nail! The world of accessories for water pipes these days seems to be overloaded with devices, some very useful and others not so much. With the sudden boom of new designs, most of which are geared towards concentrate uses, it is hard to keep up with what is worthy to purchase and what is a novelty item. One of the products to come from the concentrate boom is the E-Nail and they are one of the most wonderful accessories to ever be birthed! These bad boys are a GAME CHANGER, seriously you will be patting yourself on the back every day you go to use your E-Nail.

    E-Nails came to the market as a very high end product that only few could obtain. Initially finding an E-Nail was like finding the Holy Grail and they were always tagged with a price similar to what you would expect to pay for the Holy Grail. When E-Nails first hit the scene they had a pretty basic design that was pretty much a standard across the board, and that was a domeless Ti Nail with a heating coil wrapped around it that was hooked up to a power unit.

   Today, not only will you find a vast array of designs out there, you will find the setup can vary a good bit. Now you will find there are tons of companies out there making E-Nails and the knowledge on how to make them at home has become very widespread as well. Companies are making devices with all ceramic elements, there are quartz set ups, more advanced Ti setups with a ceramic heating element inside the Ti unit instead of the coil wrapping around a ti domeless, and then you also still have the original setup which you can find for a great price. Do not be surprised to see people making E-Nails out of all sort of devices, like Nintendo's and Toy Trucks!

  So, why should you switch from your torch to an E-Nail? Well, the answer is simply that you will not have to buy any more butane! There will be no more worry if you have enough butane to make it through the day and no more trips to the store for butane! E-Nails are also extremely easy to clean; you simply turn them up to about 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit, then place your carb cap over the nail. Let the set up run like this for about 15 minutes or until the automatic shutoff occurs. (that is only if your model is equipped with auto shutoff, if it isn’t do not leave unattended!) Once you have done so your nail should be looking brand new, worst case it may need a light scraping to get the remaining gunk off. E-Nails also tend to heat up really quickly, so you only have to wait about a minute or two and then your platform is ready to dab from. The platform stays hot so you can continue to take dabs back to back as long as you heart desires! You can also set the temperature to whatever preference you may have, if you want to really rip massive dabs and get thick smoke you can turn it up or if you want smoother rips, simply turn the E-Nail temperature down. So seriously, do yourself a favor and go pick up an E-Nail as soon as you can, I promise it will change everything for the better!