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A Quick Introduction to Nexus Glass 710 

You've probably heard a thing or two about Nexus Glass... But in case you haven't, Smoke Cartel is here to drop some knowledge bombs on you. Formed in 2014, Nexus is a newbie to the glass scene - however, you wouldn't know it from the quality of their work. All of their pieces are handmade in the USA using high quality glass and an attention to detail that outpaces many heavy-hitting glass brands. Their renown has even gotten them attention from celebrities - Wiz Khalifa himself reps the brand with his own Nexus Puck Oil Rig.

In an effort to spread the word on this kick ass brand, a few crew members here at Smoke Cartel have put together a short list on the pieces we love and why. We've split this list into three simple categories: Basic, Premium, and Specialty; all organized based on the size and complexity of the pieces. There's a lot to cover, so let's hit it!


Nexus Turbine Disc

Nexus Glass Turbine Fat Can

This little rig is definitely something else. The Turbine Fat Can features a turbine perc, which is designed to suck water from the bottom chamber and churn it in a whirlpool-like fashion against the glass walls of the upper chamber. The large size of this upper chamber allows for a larger collected hit for a more intense concentrate experience - meaning that this piece is definitely concentrate-specific. Even the small detail of the neck being held away from the piece to diminish damage from a torch marks this piece as one for concentrate use - however, as with most pieces, as long as you purchase the appropriate accessories, it can be used with dry herb as well! This piece comes in either a cool purple or a light pink with gorgeous metallic Nexus logos on the neck and body.

Nexus Glass Sidewinder Tree Perc Fat Can with Bent Neck

This rig may not look like much, but trust us - it's a keeper. The sleek fat can design showcases the real treasure of this piece, the sidewinder tree perc! The sidewinder tree perc is made up of six tree percs placed into an ‘S’ shape that is fused to the bottom of the piece, making it so that the smoke must travel through the ‘S’ and to each of the tree percs individually. This makes for a piece that goes well with either dry herb or concentrates because of its easy pull, high levels of percolation, and the fact that it has an easy-to-clean perc. It's made of high quality glass made right in the USA with a sturdy wide base and either a clear or black lip.


Nexus Wrecking Ball Recycler

"Wrecking Ball" Dual Chamber Recycler

The Wrecking Ball has quickly become a staple piece in Nexus' portfolio, and it isn’t hard to see why. It cuts quite a silhouette with its large spherical upper chamber that functions as both the second part of the piece’s recycler function and as a turbine, spinning the water as it trickles back to the bottom chamber. At almost a foot tall, this massive piece works as well as a tabletop conversation starter as it does a piece for special occasions. Like most recyclers, this piece is geared towards concentrates - but with its large size and the amount of water it recycles, it could easily work for dry herb as well.

Nexus Lemon Drop Puck

Puck Rig with Domeless Titanium Nail

The Nexus Puck has gained a certain level of notoriety after being repped by rapper Wiz Khalifa - but its fame is not founded entirely on celebrity. The Puck is a beautiful piece, with an innovative disc-shaped design that makes it stand out among the crowd. It comes in both 10mm and 14mm male, with a myriad of varying lip colors and a nice little diffused downstem. The simplicity of this piece has been the inspiration for a myriad of collaborative efforts - Nexus x Forge, Nexus x Hitman... The list goes on, but we'll feature a couple collab works later on in our article that we think are the best of the best.

Nexus Sandblasted Juggernaut

Sandblasted Juggernaut with Double Inverted Showerhead Percs and Splash Guard

You can’t really go wrong with a Nexus piece, and the Juggernaut is certainly no exception. It has an inverted showerhead, similar to the Twerk Perc Bell Rig… Except it has TWO, doubling the potential diffusion. These two beautiful percs are stacked inside a fat can-shaped body, made out of extremely thick high-quality glass and emblazoned with a large metallic Nexus logo. It also features an ice pinch at the bottom of a long straight neck. The real beauty of this piece, though, is the sandblasted detailing. From top to bottom, this piece is covered in extremely deeply etched sandblasted designs, including a sort of paisley filigree pattern on the neck and swirls on the body and base. This piece is a gorgeous but sturdy addition to any smoker’s collection, and though it is mainly meant to be used with flower, this piece could easily hold an e-nail as well.

Nexus Inception Can

Inception Can Rig

The name of this rig, coined by the movie of the same name, comes from its unique and striking design - the upstem passes through the body of the piece via a hollowed tunnel, connecting near the bottom of the chamber. It’s an oil-specific rig with a twerk perc that forces water through the holes around the edge where the perc meets the side of the piece. This causes the water and smoke to foam up around the Inception tunnel, which serves as both a splashguard and adds extra diffusion by forcing water around it. It has a slender bent neck that also helps to eliminate splash back. This piece is primarily for concentrates, because of its easy pull and simple diffusion. The unique style of this piece makes it the epitome of functional glass art.


Nexus Hitman Collab Puck

Hitman Collab Puck Rigs

We already discussed Nexus Pucks earlier in this article, but these collabs pucks are truly the holy grail. Nexus has orchestrated a massive collaboration effort with Hitman to produce a series of pucks with the iconic Hitman Hammerhead perc. The Hammerhead perc goes a step beyond the typical diffused downstem by offering a higher level of percolation while still maintaining the flavor of the concentrates, which is the typical draw for a piece like the Nexus Puck. These collaborations are sleek and sophisticated with high-intensity lip colors and limited run Nexus x Hitman logos on the body and neck. If you’re a fan of the normal Nexus puck, this take on the familiar piece will definitely not disappoint.

"Nicki Series' Wisteria and Slyme Lip Bell Rigs

Continuing in the line of Nexus x Hitman collabs are these lovely Wisteria Lip Bell Rigs. These pieces are part of the ‘Nicki Series’, named after the designer of the piece’s adorable decals. Similar to the Twerk Perc Bell Rig mentioned earlier in the article, this piece has an aesthetically pleasing curved shape that goes well with the cheerful, 90’s-inspired decorations all over the body. It also includes the signature Hammerhead perc mentioned previously, making it a more effective piece than its non-collaborative counterpart. This piece comes in both Slyme and Wisteria lip colors with matching decals. This limited run is perfect for those young at heart or for the Lisa Frank lover in your life!

D-Wreck x Nexus Extra Large Puck with Sandblasting

Last but not least is the ‘Puck of the Beast’, an extra large puck collaboration between Nexus and artist D-Wreck and number six of a limited ten piece run. This puck earns the designation of ‘Extra Large’ at 4.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall - twice the size of the typical 14mm Nexus Puck. It features the typical diffused downstem of the Nexus Pucks and a convenient dabber dish on top, but the real draw of this piece is the insane macabre-themed sandblasting all over the body and neck - literally. Even the bottom of the piece features the intricate sandblasted designs that make this piece unique. With designs ranging from abstracted skulls to a full pentagram with Baphomet’s making up the points of the star, the Puck of the Beast is a true work of art.

Of course there are plenty of other Nexus pieces that weren’t covered in this article, and if there’s a piece in particular you’d like to hear about, give us a shout at and we’ll give you the low down!

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