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The search for a pen that is ideal for a pen designed for concentrates ends with the Stok R Series. I always said that my pen was never going to be able to perform like my water pipe, until the day I met the Stok R Series, and upon discovering this device I realized I was wrong! After many years of frustration with the performance of my vaporizer and the amount of product wasted, I have finally found a pen for concentrates that works perfectly for my needs and rips like hell! The ease of use of the device and discrete design are a big plus in my book, but the best part of all is the low price of $49.99 for such a quality product. The $49.99 kit includes your pen and usb charger, a stainless steel mixing tool(dabber), a platinum cured jar, an extra atomizer, and two cleaning wipes. You will not be disappointed with the Stok R Series, “this thing rips!”

Stok R Series pens feature a polycarbonate visual heating chamber with ceramic and titanium components. The chamber that holds and heats up the concentrates is made from ceramic and the coil that heats this chamber is made from titanium, both great quality components. The polycarbonate visual slip allows you to see what is left in your chamber and mimics the appearance of a e-cig liquid container. The airflow system on these pens is absolutely amazing, by adding two small slits at the bottom of the atomizer they have allowed air to flow up through the heating chamber and to the mouthpiece effortlessly. The cartridge is easy to load, by simply unscrewing the polycarbonate slip from the atomizer you are easily able to refill the chamber. Stok’s have a 10 second automatic shut off, so after 10 seconds of depressing the button it automatically shuts off it the button continues to be depressed. The battery is a 6500UA battery with a microchip processor for extended battery life, and yes this baby lasts forever. I have used it for like 2 days at a music festival, pretty regularly through the day too, without having to charge it until the 3rd day.

The pen comes with a limited 90 day warranty through Stok that covers the battery and usb charger, but it does not include atomizer cartridges. You can find these replacements really easily though and they use a 510 thread cartridge so even if you happen to be unable to find a replacement Stok cartridge you can find another one for the time being pretty easily and the same goes for the battery! These pens are ultra light and easy to conceal, they come with a cap that makes it look just like an ink pen. I was very pleased with this because I do not enjoy carrying around a bulky device in my pocket all day and I want it to be discrete and not draw other peoples attention to me when using it. I would recommend this product to anyone! I have already purchased two myself, one as a gift for my brother and he is loving it also!

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