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Tell me about the prizes!

For our giveaway with, we’re giving away FOUR awesome items!  First off, the most important one: the water pipe.  This giveaway’s prized trophy is the Swiss Control, a behemoth of a piece crafted out of three Swiss percs and a gridded inline perc.  Perfect for your dry herbs, this pipe will get you smooth hits every time.  Also included is a red Smoke Cartel t-shirt that lets you show off your love for smoking and the Savannah peach logo.  A matching mood mat is also included, to keep your table clean from any spills or accidents.  Lastly, we’re including a limited edition Smoke Cartel small stash jar, so that you can keep all your dry herbs in one place without having to deal with the horrors of Ziploc baggies.

Sign me up!

Slow down there, soldier.  There are actually 9 different ways you can enter this giveaway!  Each method can be repeated multiple times, so you can even rack up your entries and improve your chances of snagging the giveaway.  

Start by visiting the giveaway page on the PotGuide website, or by visiting the PotGuide Facebook page 'Win a glass water pipe' tab. From there, follow the instructions and links carefully in order to stack your entries and get as many entries as possible in our contest! If you don't follow the instructions on the giveaway page, your entries will not be counted!

You can stack all 9 different entry methods from the giveaway page to increase your chances of winning - from following Smoke Cartel and PotGuide on Twitter or Instagram to liking our pages on Facebook.

Let’s get on it!

This giveaway is lasting from March 9th through March 30th.  To enter, you must be 21 years or older and have a valid ID.  Start getting those entries in, and best of luck to you!

Bongs & Glass Water Pipes

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