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Why Use a Grinder?

Many smokers choose to make the investment of buying into a grinder for its many benefits. Grinders are strictly for use with dry herbs, since dry herbs must be separated to allow for better combustion.

Many smokers may start off by picking herbs apart instead of fully grinding them, which could reduce potency as the pollen and plant matter can often stick to their fingers.

By completely grinding herbs, you can sprinkle your dry herbs into your bowl with full potency, and pack them tighter to allow for increased airflow and better control over how fast your bowl will burn.


Styles of Grinders

The most common style of grinder is the multi piece grinder, which uses several pieces that connect to create an area for grinding and storing. Many smokers find these grinders to be the most useful for the extra storing space, which can vary depending on size and diameter.

These grinders usually have a top grinding space with many teeth that can be twisted to fully grind herbs, and small holes that allow for the herbs to drop down to the storing space.  Some grinders have an automated style of grinding that will grind herbs with the simple press of a button, while shredder cards are similar to a cheese grater better for on-the-go use. 

Kraken Grinders

Smoke Cartel has its own exclusive brand of grinders, Kraken Grinders. Made from from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloys, these durable instruments offer the finest level of grinding power for your tobacco and herbs.

Kraken innovates with unique grinder designs and various features such as stash windows, buttons to clear the chamber, pollen screens to catch the good stuff, and more. There's also an version that easy to open for those treating arthritis or others needing a softer grip. 

Grinder Pieces and Pollen Catchers

Grinders with multiple pieces often have a separate chamber with a thin metal net that catches only the tiniest of pollen. This pollen is often particularly potent, and smokers will usually collect the build up to sprinkle on top of their usual bowl of dry herbs.  

Piece grinders can have anywhere from 2-5 pieces, and the more pieces you have, the more you can cultivate the most potent flecks. It’s considered good practice to include a small coin in the main storage section of a grinder to help push pollen down into the catch.

Grinders come in a variety of different sizes determined by their diameter. Larger grinders often have more teeth, allowing smokers to grind more product at once.

About our Grinders

  • Usually constructed from high-grade aluminum
  • Grinders possess a series of interlocking teeth that function to evenly break up your herbs and guide ground herbs into holes leading to the lower chamber.¬†
  • Many grinders have multiple chambers with fine screens, allowing only that coveted potent pollen to fall through to the bottommost chamber for use at a later point.

Smoke Cartel carries the full line of Kraken Grinders available in different sizes.

From straight-forward two piece grinders to four-piece chambers with fine mesh collector screens, we’ll help you get grinding.