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Smoke Cartel has a new social media campaign!  If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, you may have already caught a sneak peak!

The campaign is called #GIRLSGOTGLASS, an initiative to help break down the social stigmas against female “stoners.”  Using our social media outlets, we hope to collaborate with our favorite vendors, customers, and crew members to normalize the image of the everyday female smoker.


What are the stereotypes against female stoners?

Women who smoke are more often than not portrayed in sexual ways.  They are used in advertising to sell pieces, to show skin, and to peak the interest of the male-dominated community.  What’s worse, these women are also looked down upon at a societal level, and called lazy, trashy, crazy, or even bad mothers.

Here at Smoke Cartel, we know that smoking is a rejuvenating pastime for all smokers regardless of skin color, gender, or sexuality.  Everybody deserves the right to hold pride in their joys in life, and smoking should be no different.  That’s why we’re inviting everybody -- that’s right, everybody -- to help us level the playing field and shatter some #glass ceilings.


How does #GIRLSGOTGLASS benefit the community?

With #GIRLSGOTGLASS, we’re offering the opportunity for you to use the discount code GIRLSGOTGLASS for 5% off your order, and Smoke Cartel will donate an additional 5% to a charity of your choice.  The charities include NORML, Planned Parenthood, The Seeing Eye Foundation, The Arbor Day Foundation, and The Earth Day Foundation.  Once you enter your code at checkout, you will be prompted to select the charity that you wish to see 5% of your order go to.


How can I contribute?

If you’re interested in joining the campaign, use our hashtag on your social media accounts to raise awareness for the movement.  If you are looking to work with us as a sponsor, contact us at the Smoke Cartel Glass Instagram account, or shoot us an email at  The bigger the word of mouth, the more normalization we can spread across the Internet.


How can I learn more?

To learn more, keep checking our social media channels and watch our #GIRLSGOTGLASS featured video on our YouTube channel.  Also, keep checking back on the #GIRLSGOTGLASS page to see an updated feed of how much we’ve donated, and who’s using our hashtags.

Cheers, friends, to a brighter and smokier future!

-Smoke Cartel

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