By Smoke Cartel Crew on Sep 27, 2016

A Multifunctional Dabbing Accessory

Drop Downs are accessories typically used with dab rigs. These accessories enable dabbers to easily convert rigs to joints of different sizes and genders, adding a degree of versatility to any collection. Have you always wanted to put your 14mm honey bucket on your 10mm rig? Well you can with a drop down!

However, drop downs aren't only used for size adapting, they also function to create distance between the hot nail and the joint. This distance is helpful for a few different reasons:

Heat Stress

Heat stress is infamous in the dabbing community and is one of several reasons that dabbers have turned to quartz bangers instead of nails that sit closer to the joint. Heat stress occurs overtime as heat is transferred from the nail to the joint and can lead to cracks or breaks on the joint.

If the break is large enough it can even render the joint useless. The worst part about heat stress is that it takes place gradually, going unnoticed until it’s too late and the damage is done. Drop downs prevent heat stress from damaging your rigs by adding distance between the joint and nail. Now you can heat your nail without risking damage to your prized piece.

If you use a banger or honey bucket, you run a much smaller risk of heat stress. Bangers and buckets create significant distance between the joint and heating element, preventing heat from transferring. Domed nails and smaller domeless nails run the biggest risk of heat stress, as there is little distance between the heating element and the joint. 


Drop downs are excellent tools for catching reclaim, keeping your rig significantly cleaner. While reclaimers are different accessories, the shape of a drop down allows reclaim to naturally gather at the bottom of the joint.

Feel free to remove your drop down and harness your reclaim with a dabber for later use, or place the entire drop down in cleaning solution for easy cleaning. Drop downs assist even the laziest smokers in maintaining a cleaner piece by catching excess oil that would have ended up in the water. 


Drop downs also allow for nails to sit at a comfortable eye level, this is especially beneficial on smaller rigs where the nail might be placed uncomfortably close to your face.

If you have a nano rig you can only hit cross-eyed and can feel the heat radiating off of your nail on your nose, you might want to invest in a drop down. It’s much more fun when you can actually see the oil simmering on your nail whilst keeping the heat away from your face! 

If you’re looking to throw a drop down on your rig, check out Smoke Cartel’s accessories collection.

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