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Dab Rig Shopping Tips:

  • Dab rigs can be smaller than regular water pipes, but don't be surprised that the price tags remain in the same range. We carry high-quality pieces that you can feel confident are an investment that will last a lifetime. You deserve the best!
  • Check out the percs! Glass blowing artists continue to engineer amazing ways to diffuse and filter smoke, and they're are A LOT of choices. Don't be overwhelmed; here's aguide all the different kinds of percolators
  • Don't forget the nail! Dabbing requires a nail or banger to enjoy concentrates. We have an extensive collection in all sizes and materials.

Choosing a Dab Rig

Recycler Bong

When dabbing first broke into the mainstream, dabbers often put heating elements on their large water pipes and called it a day. But dab rigs have changed significantly over the past several years, and dabbers have traded in beaker bongs and straight tubes for dab rigs that are half the size or smaller. Of course, larger pieces always make for an impressive presence! 

Take the classicfaberge egg rig design, for example. Fab eggs aren’t small in stature, but they possess a tight water chamber to bounce water and concentrate vapor against the walls of the piece. The point of concentrates is for a drag-free smoke, and that requires condensed chambers to easily send the vapor directly to your lungs. (To learn more about how size affects the flavors of your concentrates, check out this Knowledge Base article.)

After the style and shape of the rig itself, buyers are typically most interested in the nail—the piece of the pipe that the concentrates are vaporized upon. Nails come in several styles and materials and may be purchased separately or sold with the rig. If buying a nail separately, always make sure the size and “gender” of the attachment fit your current rig or glass pipe. Some nails come with a universal or adjustable fit, while others are one-dimensional.

Dab Nails for Oil Rigs

Quartz Banger

The quartz banger is convenient because it doesn’t require a dome and curves away from the rig for easier dabbing access. Since the nail is further from the rig itself, heat stress fractures to the body of the rig are less common.

Although quartz nails can still break if dropped, they are far more durable than glass when it comes to heat stress fractures. They take a bit longer to heat than glass and cool faster, but when heated correctly they produce extremely smooth dabs.

Titanium Nails

By far the most durable, titanium nails are also the most expensive. They have been known to scorch product if heated too long, but users won’t have to heat this nail for very long for it to reach optimal temperature. Some titanium nails will transfer a metallic taste to the vapor, but quality titanium should be fairly tasteless. Most universal and adjustable nails are titanium so you won’t have to worry about buying different sized nails for your various rigs. Some titanium nails are electronic and allow the user to preset the temperature for various concentrates, which is another helpful feature.

Ceramic Nails

These nails may add flavor to your dab, which you may or may not enjoy. Ceramic can also crack under too much heat and is fragile like glass, so careful. This material does take longer to heat than glass, but it retains the heat longer, ensuring the full use and consumption of your concentrate before the nail has time to cool.

Dab Rig Styles

Direct Inject / Classic

This is the most simple design. The nail column supports a bowl around the top to load in the concentrates. The vapor travels from the base of the bowl to the top of the nail column and down into the base of the rig. Because of its structure, this design doesn’t require a dome.

Daisy or "Castle"

Here the design the nail forms into a bowl on top with slits along the rim that pull the vapor into the base of the rig. Because of the structure, these nails don’t work well with carb caps, but they also don’t require a dome.

Angled Cut

These nails not only offer aesthetic appeal with a unique asymmetrical design, but also they may provide a larger surface area for concentrates to sit depending on what angle you are holding your rig. Domes are not necessary for this design either.


This design is usually the most affordable option, but it does require a dome to catch the vapors and redirect them down into the base of the rig. This nail has a cupped end where the concentrates are placed. After the user heats the nail and places the concentrates, the melted goodies will slide the dome over the top of the nail.

What's the ideal dabbing temperature? Get ready for the science.

Dabbing involves heating up a nail and dropping in a golden glob of goodness so it vaporizes. The cannabinoids, terpenes and other goodies are released starting at  315°F and keep coming until the heat reaches 440°, upon which you're in scorch territory.

But what's the right temperature for maximum enjoyment?

Most torch-wielders heat up their nail until it glows red, ensuring that it is actually hot enough, then letting it cool down. Impatient smokers don't wait long, while others take the time to let the nail mellow. 

Pros & Cons

Higher temps provide more intensity and burn every last bit, but it can be harsh that coughing dance move is no joke) and it all vaporizers so quickly that you won't taste the delicious flavors. 

Lower temps provide smoother hits are are ideal for experiencing the complex terpene profiles of particular cannabis strains, but they can leave valuable product behind and not push your consciousness into the stratosphere. 

Personally, we're not in a hurry. We prefer lower temps for a most delicious sesh, and useTip Tech Swabsto clean up our nails. 

Cool Bongs

Low Temp Tips and Tricks

Heat up your nail as you normally would and wait about 30 seconds before hitting it. This means it should not be red hot on any part of the nail. If you can place your hand flat just above the nail and feel the heat without it being too hot for your hand, then it’s ready to hit. When getting the oils on the nail from the dabber, it’s important to let it just slide off the dabber so you can cap it quickly. The oil will look like it is starting to sizzle but no smoke will be coming from the nail. This is a perfect time to cap it, if all was done correctly. Once the cap is on you should see your smoke start to milk up in your piece. 

Wait time will vary based off of nail material, thickness, and wear, so experiment. But listen, it's important to figure out a temp that works for you, so take time to figure this out. You can do it!

It is all about practice and researching what is perfect for you and your set up. Perfecting your low temperature dabbing and carb cap usage will give you the entire amazing flavor that your concentrates have to offer. You'll also save money by conserving your oils.

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