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What is CBD?

CBD - or Cannabidiol - is one of the main active chemicals in cannabis and hemp.  In recent medical and scientific studies, CBD has consistently demonstrated significant medical benefits, and does not contain any of the psychoactive effects often associated with the recreational usage of marijuana.  Today, because of it's amazing health benefits, many people are choosing CBD products ranging from oils to skincare and pet CBD products.

Where can I buy CBD?

Due to credit card processing regulations, we are unable to sell you CBD directly from this site. However, we offer one of the largest selections of CBD products online today - through our sister website: Mind CBD

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Mind CBD is the largest online CBD retailer, carrying dozens of trusted organic name brand CBD products. You can find a variety of hemp oil products there, all containing no psychoactive THC, including:

  • Hemp Oil & Tinctures
  • Pet CBD and Treats
  • CBD Infused Skincare Products
  • CBD Vape Juice & Mixs
  • Prefilled CBD Vape Kits & Cartridges
  • Edibles & CBD Gummies
  • and much more

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