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Nexus Glass is a scientific glass company located in Los Angeles.

Since 2014, they’ve developed a solid reputation for creating high quality, functional glass at an excellent price point. The Puck is arguably the most well-known piece in the Nexus arsenal, and it’s the perfect balance of aesthetic and function. Since releasing the intricately functional N1 Recycler, Nexus has gained even more attention. At this point, they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Smoke Cartel was lucky enough to speak with Nexus Glass to gain an insight on the company and glass industry. Here’s what we talked about!

How did Nexus Glass from?

Nexus Glass was founded in 2014 by Mike B, the owner and CEO. He has always naturally been drawn to the cannabis community. He founded Nexus Glass with a team of glassblowers in Los Angeles who were looking for work. They started creating different pieces, and the Puck became the premier design of Nexus.

What is the process behind creating new Nexus Glass designs?

As a trailblazer in the industry, Mike was devoted to making glass that is highly functional and also aesthetically pleasing. Every original Nexus design has started from an idea sketched on paper, then made into a prototype. Many tweaks and changes go into each design to ensure that the final piece is perfect. We’re all about making a piece that gives the most flavor from a dab, a lower chance of being knocked over, and of course, pleasing to the eye.

My personal favorite Nexus design is the N1— so functional and so clean. How did you conceive such a unique recycler?

The N1 is the first Nexus Recycler. This piece was created after a series of trial and error. It was reworked and tested many times to make sure that it functions perfectly, hits smooth, and has the perfect pull for maximum flavor without splashback.

How do you guys balance form and function?

Both form and function are equally important, but function is a priority when it comes to creating Nexus Glass. We take pride in the effortless simplicity of our glass, as well as its high-performance.

You guys have collaborated with so many artists, how do you decide who to collab with?

There are so many talented people out there, but it’s important to find artists to work with that are the best fit design-wise and culture-wise with Nexus. We’re looking for artists that are helping the industry grow and also influencers in the community. We’ve been really lucky to surround ourselves with some of the best people.

How would you define the unique Nexus Glass style?

We are passionate about good craftsmanship, functionality, and quality control. With these core values in mind, we are proud of the product we put out in the industry. There are a lot of crazy, fun, and complex designs out there, but what makes Nexus unique is our dedication to simplicity. We get so much positive feedback from customers telling us how much they love our simple design and great function.

What do you think give Nexus the staying power you’ve demonstrated in the market?

Mike’s devotion to the cannabis movement has helped Nexus get to where it’s at. While glass is a huge part of his business, he’s involved in many other projects and businesses that help the community grow and advance. Nexus is not just a glass company. It’s a lifestyle.


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