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Let’s Talk About Slyme

Since glassblowers generally pull from the same collections of glass, often times they’ll use similar colors.  So when you’re browsing through your favorite online or local headshop, you may spot a color of glass that grabs you, even though that color shows up from several different vendors.  Right now, one of the most popular colors among glassblowers is called “slyme.”

Slyme glass is recognizable from its bright ectoplasm-esque hue and the many tiny air bubbles inside the glass.  The most common slyme color is bright green, but purple and pink are also used regularly.  Sometimes just a simple slyme accent on a generic handpipe or flowerbowl will make all the difference in aesthetic.  Since slyme glass is artisanally colored, it requires more money and energy to make.  That is why many slyme glass pieces tend to be on the pricier side.

Common Slyme Motifs

Since slyme has such a distinct appearance, many glassblowers use it to add dripping or bubble motifs to their pipes.  Often, glassblowers will also use monster or octopus designs.  Slyme can also be used as an accent for lip wraps and joints!  Since slyme glass has varying degrees of transparency, sometimes it is even mixed or marbled with other glass colors.

Slyme Glass on Smoke Cartel

A lot of our vendors at Smoke Cartel have a taste for slyme.  High Tech Glassworks uses slyme on a lot -- possibly most -- of their rigs.  One of our favorites is the Pink Slyme Drank Spill Double Cip Rig.  Glassphemy also uses slyme on their rigs, such as their Slyme Coil Recycler.  If you’re more of a flower child, Smoky Mountain Glass also uses slyme glass on their Fumed Steamrollers!  Slyme accents appear on the lip wrap of the Glassex Fixed Downstem Water Pipe, and on the percolator of the Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb Tube.  Our own in-house glassblower, FossGlass, even uses slyme on his new Smoke Potion Rigs, as seen on the awesome Purple Rain “Smoke Potion #3”!

Keep checkin’ for that slyme on, and keep smokin’!

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