By Smoke Cartel Crew on Oct 19, 2015

Save your glass with a drop down or adaptor!

Drop-downs and adapters are handy attachments that protect your dab rig when the torch gets too hot. Whether you have a heady or a scientific glass piece, you will find an adapter or drop-down to accessorize your water pipe for male and/or female joints and in every size, from 10mm to 18mm.

Determining what accessory for your water pipe you may need can be a daunting task. My aim is to save you the headache of buying an accessory for your dab rig or water pipe that does not meet your needs! We will uncover the beauty of adapters and how they can aid us daily tokers in unforeseen ways.

There are many different reasons why you may need a drop-down or adapter for your dab rig or water pipe, but one of the most important reasons is to protect your rig from the extreme heats it will face from nails or runaway torches. (This is what it's called when a torch gets into inexperiened hands and ends up on the glass joint instead of the nail.)

I've noticed in particular that when using a domeless nail (and sometimes adjustable nails as well), if I do not have an adapter over the joint of my rig, a black ring will form around the joint that is pretty much impossible to get off. Avoid this scum from crudding up your joint and use a flush adapter to add a barrier of protection for your piece against that harmful heat!

Better yet, if you are clean freak and like to keep your piece clean as well as collect your reclaim, then check out a 90-degree adapter with reclaim bucket. Using a reclaim bucket will help trap the oil that runs down the nail and the build up from dabbing over time in a small bucket.

Besides protecting your water pipe or dab rig with an adapter or drop-down, your piece may need some correcting to make it ideal for your use! There are pipes that have 45 and 90 degree joint angles, and depending on whether or not you are using the piece for dry herbs or concentrates you may want to change that angle, and by using a bent adapter or angled drop down you would be able to do so.

Another correction that may be needed regarding your water pipe is the joint size. We all have accessories for other pieces we wish we could interchange among our other pipes and dab rigs we want to use for flower. Well, with adapters you can swap it up all day. The only thing you need is a converter to change the joints size and gender of the joint!

Finally, I want to cover drop-downs and what makes them such an amazing accessory. Drop downs can pretty much do everything we have covered up to this point and more: Not only do they remove heat completely away from your joint and the body of the glass piece, they also can have reclaim buckets attached to them!

You can find an adaptor to suit all your needs easily, whether you need it to change the gender or size of the joint to your rig or water pipe.

The highlight of drop downs is the fact they protect your glass and the user by removing the nail to a lower location and further from the user’s face you are able to see where you are putting your dab and avoid spilling or missing the nail.

So get out there and explore the world of adapters and drop down accessories for your water pipes and/or dab rigs!

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