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With 710 around the corner, it’s time to get out your dab rigs and talk concentrates, yo! Concentrates are a phenomenally effective and flavorful way to get elevated. Available in a variety of different forms and flavors, the possibilities are truly endless.

Have you ever picked up some concentrates only to find your scoop is compressed into a dense clump? Or maybe you’ve of opened up your silicone container and found your once thinned out shatter slab condensed into a large glob from the heat.

Slabbing out is a method embraced by concentrate-connoisseurs across the industry to transform their shatter-type concentrates into a workable state. Shatters are already tricky to interact with, but they only become more difficult to work with when condensed! As an added bonus, slabbing out shatter-type concentrates enables you to see the true color of your pickup. Here's how to slab out this 710!:

Note: These methods are for use with shatter or stable oil-type concentrates. Don’t use these methods for wax, budder, or honey-comb type concentrates.  


Fast slabbing out:

The key here is low and slow— you don’t want to destroy your terps!

When slabbing out, place your concentrates onto the center of a large piece of parchment paper, NOT wax paper (wax paper is coated with wax which can bind to your concentrates. Surely, you don’t want to take literal wax into your lungs.) Fold every side of the parchment over your concentrates to prevent oil from leaking out of exposed edges. Next, heat a pan on your stove top at the lowest heat possible, then place the parchment flat onto the pan and allow your concentrates to warm up.

The goal here is to heat your concentrates to a temp that you can work with, no hotter! Again— low and slow! Overheating your concentrates will activate your terpenes and other active ingredients, reducing both the flavor and potency out of your slab. After a moment, pull the parchment from the pan and place it onto your counter top. Take a highball glass or other cylindrical glass object and gently roll the glass over the parchment, starting from the center of the glob and working out towards the edges.

If you heated your concentrates low enough, they should quickly return to room-temperature and become difficult to work with. Throw the parchment back onto the pan and repeat until your slab is the desired size and thinness. The goal is to make your slab a thin and even consistency all the way across. 


Slow slabbing out:

If the fast slabbing technique intimidates you and you’ve got time to kill— try this process out! Put your parchment-wrapped concentrates on top of your Xbox/PS4/Cable box and leave them there while the system is on.

The heat emitted by those electronics is low enough to expand the slab without the use of a stove. This method will take a lot longer, but remember that low and slow is the best for preserving terps and active ingredients. If you’ve got the time, this is a phenomenal way to slab out your pickup.

Check out our Concentrate Straws once you've mastered the art of slabbing out for a unique and direct way to enjoy your concentrates!


Why slab out?

Slabs simply look better than condensed globs. Light has a much easier time travelling through a thinner substance, therefore slabbed out concentrates enable you to see the true color of your product. It’s also significantly easier to get a good sized dab off of a slab as edges can be effortlessly broken off with a dab tool or gloved fingers.

We hope this guide helps you have a wavy 710. Keep it real and keep it terpy!

Note: For more Concentrate related guides, check out our Concentrate Guides section of the Knowledge Base.

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