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Commonly referred to as water bongs, glass water pipes are a widely embraced way of smoking your favorite flowers and tobacco. Glass water pipes function to filter your dry herbs or tobacco by using different percolators to provide a smooth smoking experience. There are many different styles of percolators available on the market, all of which provide a totally unique percolation. Many water pipes utilize a diffused downstem to filter smoke, but other water pipes have fixed joints and internal percolators to create a smooth smoke. Water pipes come in a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint size, and joints can be either male or female. If you’re on the market for a new bong and want to match your old slide or downstem to it, make sure you know what size you’re looking for! If you need to touch up on joint sizes and gender, check out this Knowledge Base article.

There are many different varieties of glass bongs available on the market. From straightforward scientific styles such as the straight tube and beaker to elaborate functionals like recyclers and faberge eggs, Smoke Cartel has an excellent selection of water pipes. Feel free to shop by percolator or size to find the pipe of your dreams.

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Sesh Supply "Nymph" Mini Beaker with Propeller Perc

$ 69.00

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Turbine Cyclone Percolator "Smokenado" Water Pipe

$ 113.00

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High Tech x Illadelph "DNA" Collab with Detachable Glycerin Coil and Ash Catcher

$ 8,900.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 9,500.00

Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

Sesh Supply "Scylla" Spinning Propeller Perc Rig

From $ 99.00

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"Moody Blue" Honeycomb Stemless Water Pipe

$ 79.00


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The "Fathership" Mothership Inspired Fab Egg Rig

$ 99.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 300.00


UPC Flat Beaker

$ 49.00


5 Color Options

Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker

From $ 99.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 135.00


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UPC "Simply Guy" 14" Beaker Base Water Pipe

$ 64.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 100.00


Northern Waters Purple Rain Crystal Cluster Rig

$ 1,400.00

Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

UPC Single Domed Showerhead Straight Tube with Removable Downstem

$ 89.00

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Sesh Supply "Charybdis" Propellor Perc Klein-Style Recycler

From $ 159.00

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Double Tree Perc Beaker Base with Ice Pinch

$ 120.00


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