Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is by far the most heavy-duty tabletop vaporizer on the market today. This beast of a machine has earned its reputation for being both high-quality and trustworthy for every vaping requirement. This design is compatible with both dry herb and liquids using the liquid pad. Volcano vaporizers are also multifunctional. When you’re not using it for vaping, you can use it as an essential oil diffuser. Just make sure to thoroughly clean between uses. The forced air pump and even heating technology inside of the machine make this device easy to use for any vaper. Combustion of dry herb won’t occur inside of the Volcano, so users will experience a clean vape every time.

The analog style gives users multiple temperature options ranging from 226 degrees to 446 degrees F, so they can adjust depending on the substance being vaped. The digital design offers even more customization, allowing for more precise temperature choices. It also displays the temperature of the machine as it’s heating up, so users know exactly when it’s ready to go. Each Volcano design uses a balloon or whips to capture the vapor and transfer it to the user. Both the balloons and whips are reusable, but may require maintenance or total replacement eventually. Because of the popularity of the Volcano Vaporizers, replacement parts are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. As far as table-top vaporizers go, the Volcano is one of the best. It will last for years, and is definitely a worthy investment for the professional vaper.


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