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A durable, long-lasting titanium tip for your Nectar Collector.

Nectar Collectors with threaded collars have the added benefit of allowing you to trade out the standard included tip for something new. You may be interested in this titanium tip for some extra durability and improved heat retention.

Not only is titanium nearly impossible to break, it holds onto heat for much longer than other materials, especially glass. Titanium also tends to leave less residue than glass. Grab this tip if you're looking for a sturdy alternative to your threaded Nectar Collector's tip that can last much longer.

 *Compatible with Nectar Collector brand threaded nectar collectors and Honeybirds.*

Fits these Joints


  • Concentrate Straw Tip
  • Made for Thin Oils
  • Made for Waxy Oils
  • Medical Grade
  • Made for concentrates
  • 2.5 inches
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • High grade titanium
  • Highest Quality Materials

Product SKU: NC-TI-TIP