Va-va-voom, these are vape pens and dabber tools for the fast and furious. Just rip and go!

#THISTHINGRIPSis a manufacturer of products designed for ripping. Their vaporizers are crafted in the classic and discreet pen-style, allowing you to casually slip one into your pocket without drawing too much attention.

Founded in 2011, #THISTHINGRIPS has come to set a standard within the portable vaporizer and personal vape industry. The brand's two lines, the R-Series and the OG Four 2.0, all boast high-quality materials and technology.

The pens are intended for concentrate users, and use both titanium and quartz atomizers. #THISTHINGRIPS vape pens are always a welcome sight here at Smoke Cartel, and are among some of our most popular vaporizer products.


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