About this Product


The 11" Prometheus Hemisphere Recycler Bong w/ Windmill Perc features an award-winning spinning perc for fun-to-watch diffusion, a recycler for recirculating and cooling smoke, cup-and-ball hemisphere design, colorful highlights (multiple models), fixed glass down stem with a groundless 14mm F joint and a bent neck mouthpiece. Matching glass funnel herb slide w/ handle included.

Designed by Sesh Supply and named after the Greek demigod Prometheus, this bong brings the Titan's gift of fire a new gift of cool smoke.

Bong Upgrades

Customize your bong with a cool herb slide upgrade or awesome ash catcher. Want to convert to an awesome oil rig? Check out these cool bangers, nails, carb caps and other dab gear!

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14.5mm Female


11 inches


  • 14.5mm Male Flower Bowl Included
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Branded Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Dab Rig
  • Gold Decal
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • No splash-back from the water
  • Polished Joint
  • Propeller Perc
  • Recycler
  • Scientific Glass