Sandalz Glass

Sandalz Glass is the brainchild of glass artist Jayme Hunter. Jayme Hunter is an experienced glassblower dedicated to heady functional rigs as works of art. Many of the rigs made by Sandalz Glass are shaped like creatures such as monsters and dinosaurs. With a studio in Asheville, North Carolina, Sandalz Glass is located right in the epicenter of the east coast glass scene. His many years of experience have given him careful color working skills and an eye for innovative design. Sandalz Glass pipes all meet the Smoke Cartel standard, and we're always excited to see what new artistic endeavors will come out of this vendor next.

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These beauties from Sandalz Glass are already sold, and were either one of a kind pieces, or a part of a limited production run. They may not come back in stock, but still, it doesn't hurt to look!