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Rolling papers are ultra-thin papers used for smoking tobacco and other herbs. They provide a clean and social smoking experience and are the preferred method for many smokers. Rolling papers were originally manufactured and used in Spain before becoming internationally popular. Rolling papers are measured by length and width, and larger papers enable smokers to roll and consume larger quantities of herbs in one sitting. Smoking papers are created from a variety of different resources such as rice, hemp, and other cellulose fibers. The gum strip used to seal rolling papers is normally made from the sap of Acacia trees. In order to obtain the sugary sap of the Acacia, producers make incisions in the bark of the tree and extract the sap. Acacia trees are native to semi-desert regions of Africa where the sap is harnessed.

Smoke Cartel has several different rolling papers brands including RAW, Elements, and even Shine 24k Gold papers. Each brand has many different sizes to choose from, allowing smokers to find a paper that is perfect for them. Whether you’re looking for one and a quarters, double wides, king size papers, or even cut-your-own size rolls, we’ve got you covered. Want to learn more about rolling papers? Check out our detailed guide on the Knowledge Base!


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