Penis Bongs

You’ve ended up at this page for one reason or another, and we’re not here to judge. Whether you are searching for a gag gift or you are ready to show off your first love, we think these pipes are great enough to sell, so check them out! Made of pure glass, these pipes won’t change the flavor of your product, but still offer the same gratification regular spoon pipes deliver. These pipes are quick, portable, and everything you’ve wanted in a pipe. These pipes also include a carb cap for the most top-notch of sessions. Our one-of-a-kind pipe comes in multiple colors. Just beware, we heard that once a user goes black, they don’t go back … to other types of pipes.

At such an affordable price, users can choose this pipe as their main smoking pipe or pick it up for the ultimate “wow factor” in a group setting. You’re sure to grab your friends’ attentions when you roll in with this uniquely styled pipe. Even if you want to enjoy this pipe by yourself, we won’t tell a soul. Most of the characteristics of this pipe are fairly realistic, except for length. Measuring at 4.5 inches, this pipe is sure to produce a wild hit, but might be lacking in the size department. While this pipe might not measure up to your normal standards, it’s sure to hold the perfect amount of product for your single sessions. Tickle your phallic fetish with one of the designs below. With the popularity of this pipe, you may just see a penis bong come along in the near future.

Empire Glassworks "Penis Pipe" Worked Spoon

$ 50.00


4 Color Options

GlassGuard Eligible


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" - " inches

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