JM Fancy

JM Fancy is a line of heady pipes from the master craftsmen over at JM Flow Sci Glass. Each JM Fancy piece is completely unique, and blown right out of Riverside, California. You'll find quite a bit of incredible illuminati and dichroic working on JM Fancy pieces. JM Fancy has always been known for their wonderful color working, and the separate line allows for the glassblowers behind some of the highest quality scientific glass to show off their artistic skills as well. Function is always at the core of each JM Fancy piece of course, as shown with their streamlined and high-functioning classic beakers and straight tubes and unique percs. Smoke Cartel is always proud to work with the JM Flow brand, and we can't wait to see what JM Fancy puts out next!

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These beauties from JM Fancy are already sold, and were either one of a kind pieces, or a part of a limited production run. They may not come back in stock, but still, it doesn't hurt to look!