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Glass Ashcatchers

Glass Ashcatchers - 10mm

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Ash catchers are excellent attachments that offer extra filtration and keep your water pipe clean from ash and other byproducts of smoking. Ash catchers are available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles with a huge variety of different percolators. An ash catcher’s potential doesn’t stop there— many smokers enjoy converting their ash catchers into a portable water pipe by attaching a j-hook to it! Before you scoop a new ash catcher, make sure you know the exact joint size, gender, and angle that you need! Depending on the joint of your favorite water pipe, some ash catchers may be incompatible with your favorite bong. Before you make your purchase, study the ash catcher sizes infographic on our Knowledge Base! We’d hate for you to purchase an ash catcher that doesn’t work with your daily driver.

Ash catchers enable even the most relaxed smokers to keep their favorite water pipes and daily drivers significantly cleaner. They work as a vessel to catch nasty residues and other debris - leading to bigger and better tasting rips from your trusty water bong. Ash catchers are frequently loaded up with scientific percs to filter your smoke before it hits the main chamber and percolator of your favorite piece. More percs = smoother rips, so what are you waiting for?

Grav Labs 45 Degree Ashcatcher with Removable Downstem

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3 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible

Grav Labs Nano 10mm Standard 90 Degree Ashcatcher with Removable Downstem

$ 44.00


2 Sizes Available

GlassGuard Eligible


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