Feminised Seeds

Feminized Hemp Seeds

In this section, you will find lots of useful information on buying, planting, and growing the best-feminized hemp seed strains.

Growing hemp can be overwhelming and a little confusing as there are lots of terms and phrases to understand. From autoflowers and light cycles to strength levels, flowering times, hermaphrodites, photoperiods, and Indica or Sativa strains.

Let’s take a look at what a fem seed means.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Regular souvenir and novelty cannabis seeds come from dioecious plants that evenly generate male and female cannabis plants. This means the plants have a 50% chance of being male or female.

Feminized cannabis seeds and feminized strains will give you female plants, although there is no way to completely remove the risk of having some male plants.

You can save time and space with feminized cannabis seeds, and the female plants are known for their potent cannabinoid profiles.

How are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

Genetic manipulation is used by cannabis seed banks to create high-quality feminized cannabis seeds. Normally, only male cannabis plants have pollen, but by inducing female plants, it is possible to create female plants with pollen containing only female chromosomes.

This process is achieved by using one of several methods.

  • Rodelization is a natural process that forces a female plant to activate its self-pollination mechanism. When activated, the female plants will pollinate regular female plants, resulting in feminized cannabis seeds.  

  • Colloidal Silver is a chemical used on female plants to help them deliver feminized cannabis seeds.

  • Silver Thiosulfate is a chemical sprayed on female cannabis plants to encourage feminized cannabis seeds.

Benefits of using Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Female cannabis plants are easier to take care of.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds have better-performing plants.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds reduce the chance of having male cannabis plants.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds are great if space is an issue.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds are paramount in the creation of new strains.

  • They can generate more potent levels of cannabinoids than autoflower cannabis seeds.

  • They are great if you are new or inexperienced.

  • They perform better than regular cannabis seeds in most conditions.

Types of Feminized Seeds

At Grasscity, you can purchase a range of souvenir and novelty feminized cannabis seeds from some of the top brands for an unbeatable price.

Our impressive selection of fruity, citrus and euphoric feminized top-quality seeds include:

  • OG Kush

  • White Widow

  • lemon Skunk

  • Northern Lights

  • Amnesia Haze

  • Jack Herer

  • Gelato

  • Gorilla Glue

  • Girl Scout Cookies

  • Dutch

  • Afghan

  • Kush Feminized

Feminized Cannabis Seeds FAQ

Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds better than regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds have the same overall genetics. Regular seeds usually have a 50/50 chance of delivering either male or female plants. Feminized seeds only generate female plants, although there is no way to completely remove the risk of seeing some male plants.

Do Feminized Cannabis Seeds Have Seeds?

In theory, plants from female cannabis seeds should not have seeds and should only turn into female plants. There are some exceptions, as female cannabis plants can experience rodelization.

Do Feminized Cannabis Seeds always become female plants?

Feminized seeds will become female plants 99% of the time and intentionally lack male chromosomes. It is rare for feminized cannabis seeds to become male plants and only occurs under extreme stress or interruption to their environment.



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