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Dabbling in dabs? Wax on, wax off with one of our concentrate pipes.

Known as dab rigs or oil rigs, concentrate pipes are a type of water pipe or bong dedicated to the use of waxes and oils. Make the most of your honey, budder and shatter with a special dab bong!

When dabbing first broke into the mainstream, dabbers often put heating elements on their large water pipes and called it a day. But dab rigs have changed significantly over the past several years, and dabbers have traded in beaker bongs and straight tubes for dab rigs that are half the size or smaller. Of course, larger pieces always make for an impressive presence! 

Take the classic faberge egg design, for example. Fab eggs aren’t small in stature, but they possess a tight water chamber to bounce water and concentrate vapor against the walls of the piece. The point of concentrates is for a drag-free smoke, and that requires condensed chambers to easily send the vapor directly to your lungs. (To learn more about how size affects the flavors of your concentrates, check out this Knowledge Base article.)

Smoke Cartel offers a phenomenal selection of concentrate pipes. We’ve got a huge variety of recyclers, designed to keep your water and vapor constantly moving within the glass for minimum drag and maximum flavor. Are you a fan of heady glass art? The increased popularity of dabbing has opened up a prestigious market for one-of-a-kind glass pieces that look just as great as they function!

Choosing a Dab Rig

After the style and shape of the rig itself, buyers are typically most interested in the nail—the piece of the pipe that the concentrates are vaporized upon. Nails come in several styles and materials and may be purchased separately or sold with the rig. If buying a nail separately, always make sure the size and “gender” of the attachment fit your current rig or glass pipe. Some nails come with a universal or adjustable fit, while others are one-dimensional.

Get Nailed! Shapes & Styles

Banger: This style is convenient because it doesn’t require a dome and curves away from the rig for easier dabbing access. Since the nail is further from the rig itself, heat stress fractures to the body of the rig are less common.

Direct Inject/Classic: This is the most simple design. The nail column supports a bowl around the top to load in the concentrates. The vapor travels from the base of the bowl to the top of the nail column and down into the base of the rig. Because of its structure, this design doesn’t require a dome.

Daisy or "Castle": Here the design the nail forms into a bowl on top with slits along the rim that pull the vapor into the base of the rig. Because of the structure, these nails don’t work well with carb caps, but they also don’t require a dome.

Angled Cut: These nails not only offer aesthetic appeal with a unique asymmetrical design, but also they may provide a larger surface area for concentrates to sit depending on what angle you are holding your rig. Domes are not necessary for this design either.

Standard: This design is usually the most affordable option, but it does require a dome to catch the vapors and redirect them down into the base of the rig. This nail has a cupped end where the concentrates are placed. After the user heats the nail and places the concentrates, the melted goodies will slide the dome over the top of the nail.

Dab Rig Materials

Glass: Glass is the most common material you will find nails made out of, but naturally, they are more delicate than other materials. Not only is glass more susceptible to breaking when accidentally dropped, but it is also prone to fractures and shattering when exposed to too much heat. Users of glass nails need to practice caution when heating their glass nails and replace them every so often when fractures eventually do appear.

Quartz: Although quartz nails can still break if dropped, they are far more durable than glass when it comes to heat stress fractures. They take a bit longer to heat than glass and cool faster, but when heated correctly they produce extremely smooth dabs.

Ceramic: These nails may add flavor to your dab, which you may or may not enjoy. Ceramic can also crack under too much heat and is fragile like glass, so careful. This material does take longer to heat than glass, but it retains the heat longer, ensuring the full use and consumption of your concentrate before the nail has time to cool.

Titanium: By far the most durable, titanium nails are also the most expensive. They have been known to scorch product if heated too long, but users won’t have to heat this nail for very long for it to reach optimal temperature. Some titanium nails will transfer a metallic taste to the vapor, but quality titanium should be fairly tasteless. Most universal and adjustable nails are titanium so you won’t have to worry about buying different sized nails for your various rigs. Some titanium nails are electronic and allow the user to preset the temperature for various concentrates, which is another helpful feature.

Demo “HoneyTip” Honey Collector with Titanium and Quartz Tips

“HoneyTip” Honey Collector with Titanium and Quartz Tips

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UPC 8" Dual Honeycomb Mini Rig with Quartz Banger

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"Solid Quartz Shortie" Beaker Rig

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Demo The "Double-cycler" Dual Chamber Recycler with Showerhead and Honeycomb The Double-cycler Dual Chamber Recycler with Showerhead and Honeycomb - Blue

The "Double-cycler" Dual Chamber Recycler with Showerhead and Honeycomb

$ 94.00


5 Color Options

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Demo “The Twincycler” Double Chambered Dual Recycler

“The Twincycler” Double Chambered Dual Recycler

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"Dandi" Bent Neck Coin Rig with Diffused Downstem

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