Massive hits with a Venturi twist.

You can always recognize Grav Labs's awesome helix perc from the bell-shaped Venturi chamber, a unique perc that uses slits to spin smoke around like a tornado. This fat can-style water pipe boasts a huge Venturi chamber right above its main chamber with diffused downstem. With the combined powers of the downstem and the helix perc, you'll be getting massive rips with all of the smoothness that Grav Labs is recognized for.

The fat can rig comes with a 14.5mm female joint and a male quatrz nail to make the most out of your concentrate's natural flavor. With the incredible design of this piece combined with the colorful helix logo accent, theĀ Grav Labs Helix Fat Can Rig with Venturi Chamber is sure to make a home at the forefront of your collection.


14.5mm Female


9 inches


  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Branded Glass
  • Dab Rig
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Scientific Glass
  • Straight Neck

Product SKU: HX.FF.0

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  • Grav Labs Helix Flare Base Water Pipe with Venturi Chamber
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