CVault - 2-Way Humidity Stash Jars for Dry Herbs CVault - 2-Way Humidity Stash Jars for Dry Herbs


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CVault is an innovative new way to store and maintain the freshness of your dry herb stash. The CVault uses all medical and food grade stainless steel, keeping your stash well-protected at all times. Each CVault container also utilizes 2 way humidity control with the Boveda Humidipak, which keeps its interior at exactly 62% humidity, the optimized humidity for preserving dry herb freshness. The CVault is then tightly sealed using its silicone airtight seal. The CVault is the kind of stash container that's an investment you can keep by your side for the rest of your smokin' days. Here at Smoke Cartel, we're happy to offer CVault airtight containers of all sizes.

CVault Storage Container

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