BudderBlocks - Silicone Containers for Waxes and Oils BudderBlocks - Silicone Containers for Waxes and Oils


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BudderBlocks from Errly Bird is one of the most reliable product lines for Platinum cured silicone containers. The ultimate accessory for the concentrate user, BudderBlocks is one of our favorite pieces of gear here at Smoke Cartel. Carefully intuiting the needs of its users, each Budderblocks item is designed with unique dividing trays and basins to ensure that you get the most out of your legal concentrates. Budderblocks can be easily stacked on top of each other to create personalized structures and methods of organization. Colorful and expressive, Budderblocks can make storage fun while remaining discreet and easy to tote around unnoticed. Right out of Temecula, California, Budderblocks is an American-made brand with the Smoke Cartel seal of approval.


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