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The artists and owners at Empire Glassworks, based out of California, have more than 40 years of experience of elegantly crafting exquisite and delicate borosilicate beads, metal-infused trinkets and soft glass figurines for the high-end jewelry community. With the passion and experience empowering each artist, Empire Glassworks has successfully been able to execute a complete line of accessories from bong slides, to hand pipes, to dab rigs.

Empire Glassworks has been of keen interest to a large of number of smokers around the world now and the list of reasons why we love them seems endless. 

The main reasons? High quality borosilicate glass craftsmanship plus unique -- often hilarious -- one of a kind designs.

Pieces of Empire Glassworks are separately designed by the network of extremely skilled glassblowers. These rigs, bongs, pipes and different accessories are fashioned with a torch flame process known as “lampworking”. The finest quality of imported glass from the United States and Europe are used in the production of Empire Glassworks pieces.

With Empire Glassworks, every enthusiast can get their hands on something truly unique to call their own.

The following are three of the top Empire Glassworks pieces loved by tokers around the world.

Rocket Man Hand Pipe

Kim Jong Un Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks

This one's certainly made to start conversation and blow up within your friends. Standing at almost 4” tall this latest hand pipe carries all features color and complete work in glass.

Rickle Pickle Spoon

When you do not have sufficient patience or time to sit though meaningless family therapy, the Rickle Pickle. Almost 5” tall, the Rickle Pickle is made from hand spun colors. It is guaranteed that you will get through life- maybe not all way, but it will surely bring a smile to your face!

“Agent Orange” Trump Hand Pipe

Agent Orange Trump President Hand Pipe - Empire Glassworks

A hand commanding dignity and respect, it is guaranteed to make your smoking session great again. At the least, it’s a pipe with tremendous hair. Worked with colors that are hand spun, this one is definitely worth being a part of your collection. So spark up this 4” hand pipe today!

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