This Thing Rips OG Four 2.0 - Review

The OG Four 2.0, a great product coming with a quartz dish as opposed to the ceramic as seen in the rest of the Stok pens. They provide the deep dish that we see in all of their pens and that I am sure we all appreciate. In addition, I should mention that the battery life is great, I practically forgot that I even had to charge the pen, I would say about 5 hours of consistent use would diminish the battery from full. After the first charge of a recommended 8 hours, this thing charges up in under an hour. The chrome look and feel of the pen coupled with the slight orange accents on the light and chamber are just something I can not get enough of. This thing looks great.

Now for my two gripes, No top and we still have coils. I think aside from the suede texture on the original Stok R pen, the TOP was my favorite part about the pen, not only did it help with the discreteness of the product, but the consolidation of the atomizer and mouthpiece protecting the mouthpiece from outside germs, pocket lint or from being damaged. If anything the top is a protective feature of arguably the most valuable parts of the pen. Second, We still have a coil. I know they have the Stok Roil and that is said to have a ceramic coiless dish, however it is not quartz. I would like to see a coiless quartz dish, just as deep, with the same technology as seen in the OG, but with a top. Without those features, the OG Four 2.0 is almost perfect.

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