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Kasher Multi-Purpose Lighter Tool: Spark Up a Conversation

Posted by Sean Geng on

by Bebe Savage, Guest Contributor

This is an incredible idea, and a great way to spark up a conversation with a fellow friend of Mary Jane. I have made many friends over conversations that start with, “What is on your lighter?”

Multi Purpose Kasher Tool I personally use my Kasher multi-purpose lighter tool to pack down bowls, joints, and blunts, but the opportunities available with this multifunctional tool are endless. The functionality serves almost every purpose you can think of, and when listed, everyone I talk too can’t wait to buy one for themselves.

I especially appreciate how the Kasher Multi-purpose Lighter tool fits snugly over lighters with a thicker plastic case cover. Because everyone wants at least a couple lighters with motivational quotes, cool logos, or avocados on it!

My bowls and pipes always get caked with resin, to the point where bowls are being wasted. With the amount of medical marijuana I smoke I have to clean out my pipes and bongs at least once a week. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get a nice hit, I would be sorely disappointed.

To use the Kasher Multi-purpose Lighter Tool, I can easily slide the tool down, about half way down my lighter, and use it to scrape, push, and collect resin. This tool is very small at the tip, allowing it to move into some small holes. However, it's not flexible and won’t scrape out the inside of pipes, so don’t force it into your glass items.

Marijuana, as well as wax, drip down into my pipes and give me weaker hits with less oxygen flow. However, by quickly swooping the tool and doing a quick "fluff and scrape" around the inner hole of the bowl, I can make sure there is nothing lodged in the hole, ensuring maximum air flow and hit quality.

With the Kasher lighter tool you now no longer have to use the bottom of your lighter to pack down bowls, which turns the bottoms of your lighters black and sticky and doesn't leavemuch room for being inconspicuous! The flat bottom packs down anything, accompanied by accurate precision. Need to pack your blunt or joint down? This is the perfect tool.

The Kasher Multi-purpose Lighter tool can also be utilized as a dab tool when you are in need. There are two different options of the material the tools can be made with, stainless steel and titanium. The titanium lighter tool applies just like your typical dab tool. Also, since you only need to hold onto the lighter the tool does not come into contact with your hand.

This tool also works well with splitting blunts. It has a serrated edge and cuts very smoothly. I also use it for opening letters (in a neater fashion than before), removing staples, pushing really tiny buttons, packing blunts, dabbing, and the most popular use–kashing bowls!

Starting at only $5 with fast shipping, the Kasher Multi-Purpose Lighter Tool is a steal!

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