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How to Use a One Hitter Pipe

New to smoking, or just enjoy things in moderation and want to see what the hype is all about? Keep reading to learn how to use a one hitter pipe and find out if it is right for you and your smoking style.

Posted by Carlyn Atkinson on

A one hitter pipe is a glass piece used to smoke cannabis in a discreet and easy way. They are typically made of glass or come in dugout style, and are similar to a bowl or glass pipe in function, and provide the same kind of high as any other piece. You are in full control of how much THC you are taking in, which is why many smokers prefer to use a one hitter pipe, chillum, or dugout. Maybe you’re new to smoking, or just enjoy things in moderation and want to see what the hype is all about. Keep reading to learn how to use a one hitter pipe and find out if it is right for you and your smoking style. 


What Are The Different Types of One Hitters? 

A one hitter (often known as a chillum), is a pipe typically made from clay or glass that is a straight pipe, meaning there is no angle to the pipe. For many smokers, this may seem intimidating or hard to use. Luckily, we have the best tips to ensure that you use this piece correctly and have a great time doing it. A chillum is very similar to a bowl pipe and will be just as simple to us. They also come in cool designs that pay homage to the original clay designs of the ancients or fun decorative glass designs if you prefer an artsier piece. While they are best known as being just a glass one hitter, there are accessories you can add on as well to maximize your collection!


Instructions On Preparing Your Cannabis For Your Smoke Session 

  1. As always, grinding your cannabis is the first step to preparing your nug for your session. You’ll want to make sure that you are using a grinder that will make your cannabis easy to load into your pipe. Using a one hitter pipe might seem intimidating because of how the chillum is placed horizontally, but this is why having a finely ground flower can easily pack in tight and provide an even burn when taking your hit.
  2. Take your herb and chose a piece of bud that is big enough to fully fit the pipe once ground. Grind it up as finely as you can, and you are ready to prepare your pipe for smoking.
  3. Pack the flower into the wider end of the pipe, this is where the bud will sit and the lighter will, the other end is where you will smoke out. Some smokers prefer to use their fingers to fill the one hitter, while a classic method is taking the pipe and dipping it into the grinder and twisting to get it packed tightly with the fresh ground cannabis. Clean hands and clean pipes are always the best way to smoke after all! 


Now It’s Time To Smoke Weed With Your New Piece!

Now that your bowl is packed, you are ready to have a smoke sesh:

  1. Place the mouthpiece of the pipe to your mouth, and place a lighter, or flameless VioSparc at the end where the cannabis is packed, and when you light the flame, inhale while keeping the bowl lit.
  2. While you are inhaling, you are creating airflow in the pipe, so you can remove the lighter, and the flower will stay lit for a few seconds while you continue to inhale.
  3. Once you feel you got a decent amount to inhale, you can slowly exhale.
  4. That’s it! You have used the single hit available on your one-hitter, if you are needing more for a more intense session, just reload the pipe in the bowl end and go again. 


Try A Dug Out To Level Up Your Smoking Accessory Collection

Being an “on the go” smoker or just someone who likes to take smaller hits, it can be hard to carry around all the supplies needed for a one hitter, like herb, a grinder, and a piece all separately.

Lucky for you, Smoke Cartel sells a piece that holds all your one hitter needs called a dugout, some even have built-in grinders. A dugout is just a little device that has a few compartments, one to hold the one hitter smoking device, a separate compartment for dry herb or flower, or tobacco if that is your jam, and usually comes with a small metal poker to make sure it packed evenly.

Some dugouts even come equipped with a built-in grinder, a place to hold a lighter, and are waterproof. All that’s left to do is shop around to see what designs fit your vibe, as they come in all different styles and materials, from wood to acrylic to metal.  

Ready to get started with your one hitter smoking experience? Checkout www.smokecartel.com for all your stoner needs.

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