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How to Clean A Glass Bong

Here's how to clean your glass bong like an old pro.

Posted by Alzena Javier on

So, an awesome bong arrived at your doorstep. You love it, you rip it everyday. It begins to build noticeable resin, sludge inside the glass, and bowl piece. Now what? Learn how to clean your bong in some easy steps!

In this article, we will fill you in on everything that you have to know to get your bong squeaky clean as the day you unboxed it!

The simplest way to clean a bong is to snag some ResRemover and let it soak overnight.

ResRemover at Smoke Cartel - Clean Pipe Before and After

But there is a DIY way to spotlessly clean a bong with supplies you can grab at any corner store:

  • Rubbing alcohol (a nice high percent)
  • Q-tips and/or pipe cleaners for percs and joints
  • For small pieces like slides: Tupperware containers with lids or Small Ziploc bags or a milk jug with the top cut off

Now that you have assembled all your supplies, here is a step-by-step guide for how to clean your bong.

Step One:

Fill the bong with rubbing alcohol until the grime is covered.

90% isopropyl is the perfect option. Place smaller parts like bowl slides in a container filled with ISO alcohol as well.

Step Two:

Add a tablespoon or so of large-grain salt.

Don't worry if you can't get the salt everywhere just yet -- it will be more comfortable when you start shaking. Table salt will do, too, but large-grain is a bit more powerful.

Step Three:

Seal up the openings and give it a shake.

This is where it's best to be in a bathtub or laundry room sink. With your thumb over the open joint, shake the pipe to activate the cleaning process. The alcohol will loosen the resin and make it easier to remove. The salt will act as a sponge, wiping away the rest of the resin where you can't reach it. Hold on tight! You don't want to drop it.

Small pieces can be gently shaken if you put them in a small container with a lid.

Step Four:

Let it soak.

Let the pieces soak in the isopropyl alcohol for a few hours. The longer the better -- even overnight -- for super-filthy pieces.

Step Five:

Rinse with water and use your tools.

Get rid of all the salt and alcohol by rinsing the pieces thoroughly. The ISO should have loosened up the grime enough for you to start working with your Q-tips and/or pipe cleaners to wipe away those hard to reach crevices.

That's it! Your piece should now be squeaky clean.

Be careful on products that are not glass or have some kind of glue - Marley Natural pipes have been known to disassemble with this standard pipe cleaning method.

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