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How to Clean a Dab Rig

Posted by Carlyn Atkinson on

No matter the piece you smoke from, cleaning it is incredibly important, especially if you're the type of stoner who enjoys sharing with your best buds. After a few sessions and even a few different users, cleaning a dab rig can seem intimidating, but cleaning it is just like cleaning any other bowl, bong, or water pipe. Regular cleaning will ensure your piece lasts long and gives you the cleanest hits. Read on to find the best cleaning method for you!


What Is A Dab Rig And The Parts That Make It Up

While it’s not actually proven, lots of people would claim that smoking a dab rig actually gets you higher to the nature of smoking potent oils and waxes from the rig. While carts and vapes contain similar types of products, the dab rig is very similar to smoking cannabis out of a glass piece, it just requires a few different parts as well as a torch to light up. Don’t let that intimidate you though, as smoking a dab rig can be a very enjoyable experience.

To get down into it, a dab rig is a series of water pipes that hold vapor rather than smoke, which in some cases, can be better for your lungs. The rig requires dab tools to work, and usually only a small dose is needed to achieve a perfect high since your cannabis is so concentrated.

If this is something you are interested in trying, add it to your collection of smoking essentials. The dab rig is super similar to a glass or silicone bong, it has a narrower mouthpiece, a bottom chamber, a ground joint that has a dropdown-stem, and finally a quartz banger, where your concentrates will go and will be heated up.


Step-By-Step On How To Take A Dab From A Dab Rig

Taking a dab is similar to hitting a bong or water pipe, but still unique in its own way. Dabs are a lot different than a vape pen as well, which many stoners may be familiar with consuming THC through cartridges.

First, you will need to get your dab ready on a dabber tool. Then, heat the dab nail until it’s about 545-570°F which is the standard temperate range. A popular way of doing this is using a shatterproof quartz banger which is make sure you can safely heat your dab concentrate to a high temperate. Another option is using a terp slurper like the Kremodome which is best suited for larger dabs.

Regardless of which piece you are using, start by using the dab tool to remove the sticky cannabis concentrate from the canister and place it into the nail, and if you feel so inclined, use a carb cap, once you heat up the dab in the dab nail, you drop it into the dab rig using a dab tool, place on top to help regulate the airflow. Inhale, and soon you will be enjoying your high.


Keep Your Dab Rig Fresh With A Cleaning Process In Place

One of the biggest downsides of smoking with a rig is the wax buildup. The wax used to take a dab is usually heavily concentrated and super sticky. While it is potent and creates an awesome high stoners love, it can be of a bit messy cleanup. Cleaning your dab nail is essential making sure your future smoke sessions are resin buildup free.

Tool needed: isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, cotton swabs, and sea salt.

If your banger is looking black and mucky, it’s def time for a deep clean.

  1. Take your banger and soak it in 99% iso alcohol and salt in a plastic bag
  2. Leave the cleaning solution overnight to ensure the gunk loosens up. After, rinse under thoroughly under hot water, anything too hot will cause the wax to stick again
  3. Use your dab tool to scrape off any leftover residue buildup
  4. Now, take your torch and heat up the dab nail to 600-800°F to loosen up the leftover ash. Soak a cotton swab or q tip in rubbing alcohol to get into the crevices and knock off the remaining build up
  5. Use the isopropyl alcohol and coarse sea salt cleaning solution to clean the rig itself as well. Just fill the rig with the alcohol solution and cover the hole with either a carb cap or your hands, and shake until the debris is loose and can be dumped out.
  6. Rinse with clean water, and your piece is good as new!


Regular Cleaning Of Your Dab Rig Will Ensure You Have A Great Dabbing Experience

Keep your dab rig buildup free by regularly cleaning the rig and dab nail. If DIYing isn’t your thing, check out Smoke Cartel’s fresh lineup of cleaning solutions and all the supplies you could ever need to make your dirty rig good as new. From artsy rigs to practical rigs, check out smokecartel.com to shop for your dream dab rig to fit any price point and lifestyle.


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