Cannabis Adventures at Ebenezer Creek

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by Clint Joyner, Smoke Cartel Guest Contributor

As an avid outdoors person, I’ve found myself in situations where the enjoyment of cannabis would greatly enhance my experience. Cannabis Adventures was formed as a way for me to share my experiences with others who may want to expand their knowledge of cannabis products and how to use them both in public and safely without interfering with the nature of the places and locations visited.

Cannabis is no longer the “hide in your room with nothing happening in your life” gateway drug described by non-users. I am exploring new and fun ways in which people can enrich their experiences with the use of cannabis and cannabis tech. This is the first in a series of Cannabis Adventures I plan to document.

On advice from Kerrie, a coworker at Smoke Cartel, my wife and I decided to take our kayaks out for a fishing excursion on Ebenezer Creek in Rincon, Georgia. Ebenezer Creek is a tributary to the Savannah River and saw action in the Civil War. The river served as a crossing area for more than 14,000 Union troops after defeating the Confederate Army in Atlanta in December 1864. It is also the site of the tragic drowning of hundreds recently freed slaves during General Sherman’s fiery March to the Sea on his way to Savannah, GA. 

Arriving at the boat launch was like stepping back in time, the cypress trees were amazing with base diameters of 20-30 feet and larger, stretching towards the sky from the creek bed. The water was warm and slow-flowing with a dark tan color produced by the tannin in the trees lining the bank. A light breeze helped with the 98 degree-heat and 75 percent humidity. Not ideal conditions, but the creek offered spacious areas of shade which we quickly coveted as the best “fishing holes” regardless of where the fish were located.Ebezener Creek Landing

Considering the location and need for ease of use and quick access, I decided to bring along my PAX3 dry herb vaporizer. Quick heating, long battery life, and multiple uses from one oven fill make the PAX3 the ideal vaporizer to have on this trip. It's my my go-to cannabis consumption tech when I need to conserve space and be inconspicuous but still want to enjoy the taste of my chosen product.

We started heading upstream. There were several other people on the water, and a group of eco tourists were paddling upstream when we arrived. There were also several families with small craft motor boats that passed us from time to time who were very courteous and kept their wakes to a minimum.

The PAX3 proved to be basically invisible in this environment, and I was able to use it without drawing attention to my activities. The waterproof case (purchased separately) not only protects the PAX3 but it also has a small compartment to hold extra dry herb should we meet up with other kayakers who share my passion for cannabis. It fit perfectly in a zippered pocket on my fishing vest.

The scenery here is awe inspiring; the passing of time has exposed century-old cypress "knees," which are the knobby roots of the trees. As you paddle by, you can spot creatures climbing up and growing inside the structure of the trees.

We met a local who gave us some fishing advice, so we headed to the spot he described just a little ways upstream. We dropped our anchors and fished for a while but did not have any luck. Soon we decided to head back to the launch area for lunch and a refill of water for our coolers. I enjoyed a quick and easy drag from the PAX3 along the way.

After lunch, we headed downstream towards the Savannah River. The trip was very nice with more shade than we had seen upstream. Several times we stopped rowing and glided with the current, listening to the serene respite. It is an amazing feeling to be so close to civilization yet feel so disconnected and remote.

Soon, the fish began to bite. Christina pulled in a sunfish, and I hooked into a what I believe to be a small large mouth bass. I say "believe to be" because after a very short but rigorous fight he escaped and swam off, never to be seen again. We decided to save the Savannah River for our next excursion and headed back to the landing.

The PAX3 performed perfectly as expected. It is a tried and true device that allows me to maintain my active lifestyle while enjoying dry herb in a variety of places, including this memorable trip along historic Ebenezer Creek.

PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Looking forward to the next cannabis adventure! 

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