"The Thunder Dome" Faberge Egg Straight Tube with Splash Guard - Review

The Thunderdome is that type of piece where everyone can enjoy a smooth hit without ice needed. The fab egg style is nice for passing this piece around without the worry of someone dropping it. The thick base is also a huge plus! As rowdy as a party can get, this piece won’t be the first on the ground!

Usually when it’s time to unwind at the end of the day I resort by rolling my flower instead of grabbing a piece to smoke from, however since I received this piece I’ve been using it more than I thought. It’s as if you’re smoking a functional trophy rather than another piece.

The distance between your face and the bowl allows you to keep your eyebrows intact.
As a student designer I can’t stress enough that good design is not just how it looks but how it works! That being said this piece has it all and might end up being your favorite piece in your collection!

Another finding I came across is that the hollow interior accessible through the holes and slots above the rocket perc gives an opportunity for notes from friends or a significant others to be shared. After finding a couple notes I decided to weave some nylon rope through the piece to wear it as a necklace.

Besides that tangent I would rank the Thunderdome five out of five because it’s straight up fun and a pleasure to use. I can not find any red flags and I’m not the person to leave the bad out when it comes to critiquing any kind of design.




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