Sesh Supply "Styx" Analog Universal E-Nail with Carb Cap - Review

Everyone loves the easy-to-use compatibility of an e-nail. The e-nail is quite possibly one of the most useful smoking accessories of our time; it’s a concentrate user's greatest dream! I never really got into the world of concentrates until last year. Before then, I hardly knew the difference between a nail and a honey bucket. Once I became more accustomed to concentrate seshes, I decided it was finally time to take the leap and purchase my first e-nail. A few weeks ago, the Styx e-nail from Sesh Supply caught my attention. Within a few days, I had the Styx e-nail from Sesh Supply in my hands and I was finally ready to test the waters.

I was first drawn to the Styx e-nail because of its lightweight look and feel, and its compact size. It isn’t bulky, and it’s pretty simple to use. All you do is plug in the e-nail to a wall outlet, turn the dial to a recommended setting, place your product on the nail and viola! It’s also really easy to store away when you’re not using it. The universal titanium nail used with this e-nail is what really drew me to it; it’s perfect for when you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends and there may be a different selection of pieces with different sizes and genders of joints. You’ll never be worried that you don’t have the right size for the piece you’re about to use! This e-nail even came with a top hat carb cap (essential for capturing the vapor from your hit) and a dabber tool, which are two awesome bonuses when you consider the great quality and affordable price of the nail.
When I finally tested out the nail, I made sure to unscrew the dabber tool from the top hat, and season the nail before use. Seasoning is the process of heating your nail to the point where it begins to glow. Make sure not to overheat your piece! This will cause damage to the piece. You can lower the heat settings if you notice it getting too hot. It is recommended to place a bit of oil (it can even be reclaimed oil) on the nail when you season it, but not to inhale it. This will help prepare the nail for future use and your hits will taste better.

After I had seasoned my nail, I was ready to go! I got my dabber tool ready with some concentrate, and placed it on the nail. I quickly flipped the top hat over the nail, and inhaled. My first thought: “This. Tastes. Wonderful.” Because I had seasoned it prior to the first use, the taste was much better and the hit was smoother. The top hat carb cap helped immensely in making sure the temperature and the strength of the hit weren’t too intense. The analog dial controlling the temperature made it incredibly easy to control the temperature between hits. The nail quickly became a favorite accessory of mine.

Overall, the Styx e-nail is something I would highly recommend to any concentrate smoker. It’s easy to use, it fits almost any joint/piece, and its lightweight feel is perfect if you’re on the go most of the time. I will continue using this nail with my concentrates, and I have no doubt that it will continue to produce some great hits.
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