Honey Supply Honeycomb Tube with Colored Accents - Review

With a vast market of smooth mid-range rigs, the question in mind when purchasing a new pipe is this - what features distinguish one piece as unique? At first glance this 9.5 inch tube packs a lot of character with several Honey Supply decals, small alien-faced bees and a nice color blocking which serves to both highlight the exposed honeycomb percolator and hide residue build-up in the neck, though you’ll want to clean this gal pretty regularly to keep her looking frosty!

Upon picking up the pipe I found the glass thickness to be enough to ensure durability but lacking in base weight. The angled downstem is a nice touch when using concentrates as it gives some distance between your grip on the glass and the nail. I have to admit that I was skeptical of the performance this piece that touts its brand logo and sleek coloring, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the honeycomb tube lives up to its looks. Less is more with this tube’s single honeycomb percolator that delivers some of the smoothest concentrate hits without botching the natural flavors. 

Though this pipe can be used for flower, I would not recommend it solely as a flower pipe. The hit when smoking dry herbs from this tube is good but not exceptional, the reduction of percolation in this pipe for the priority of concentrate use makes the hit from dry herbs harsher than a flower-pipe of similar price. That said, if you plan to use this piece for versatility it is far from your worst option. If you’re looking for a pipe that will hit concentrate silky smooth and look like a beaut on your mantle, the Honey Supply Honeycomb Tube with Colored Accents is hard to overlook.

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