"The Nectarivore" Double Chamber Recycler Nectar Collector With Glass and Titanium Tips - Review

The Nectarivore stands out above all other nectar collectors! Having a powerful perc combination coupled with a recycling mechanism makes this piece a force to be reckoned with. If it’s not obvious thus far, I’m in love with this piece. I’ve had several nectar collectors and a couple of recyclers in the past but none like this. The piece comes with its own stand! Not many pieces have their own stand. Maybe it’s just me but that pulled me in instantly! The day I got it I didn’t waste any time. I got home and that nail was right on the tip on a beating torch.

Beyond impressive functionality and awesome accessories, there were a couple of issues I had when actually using the piece. I was using The Nectarivore with a small Dr. Dabber honey mat. When doing this It’s important to angle the nectar collector so that the side of the nail is what vaporizes the concentrates. If this is done correctly the vapor will just be sucked up through the straw portion of the collector. I had some problems telling exactly where the nail was in relation to the mat. This nectar collector is bigger than most other nectar collectors out there - thus it made it hard to see when using. This didn’t help trying to keep it at an angle. This then caused me to suck up part of the concentrate through the straw. When this piece is also tipped to a certain extent it will leak water because of the showerhead perc in the piece. Tipping the perc is how you drain it and thus can cause the piece to leak if tipped too far. The tipping of the piece also negates the recycling action of the collector. In order to do that it has to be straight up but this will impact the way the concentrates of vaporized. A couple of annoyances but minor ones at that.

The piece, when used, really hits. The piece is quite voluminous thus there’s plenty of vapor to clear out of nectar collector. Even then despite the size, I still found it just as easy to hit as some of my smaller nectar collectors. This is definitely my now go-to piece to get great flavor with ease. My only tip is get yourself a honey mat. That’s the only way to use nectar collectors is with a honey mat. I’d recommend it to anyone, novice or not!
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