Atmos Transporter Vaporizer Kit - Discrete Dry Herb Vaping - Review

The functionality of the Atmos Transporter Vaporizer Kit relies heavily on the context of its use. The name “transporter” describes the intention of its usability, and this product is definitely well suited for travel. Aesthetically, the Transporter looks more like a liquor flask than a handheld vaporizer. It is a minimal piece, sporting only one power button and no temperature controls, which may be a deal-breaker for more advanced vapers, but adds to its transportability. The heating chamber is located at the bottom of the piece and is almost hidden inside a hinged compartment, which magnetically closes, keeping your product secure while in transit.

If you are looking for an “at-home” vaporizer, this might not be the one for you. The Atmos Transporter isn’t the heaviest of hitters, but it can surely get the job done discretely while on the move. The body of the piece is slightly larger and heavier than most travel vaporizers, which helps to add a lot of time between each charge, allowing you to vape in situations where you may be away from a power outlet for a while. I imagine that this product would be perfect for day trips to the beach, while out camping, hiking, or any general travel situations where you would prefer to keep your vaping discrete and secure.

The Transporter comes with a rubber mouthpiece as well as a threaded cap, which serves as an alternative mouthpiece. I find that the rubber mouthpiece heats up a bit during the convection process and that using the alternative cap allows for a more concentrated draw of vapor, while remaining cool to the touch. The oven is a generous size and not meant for quick sessions of smaller product quantities. The first time I used the vaporizer, I discovered that I was not getting much vapor as a result of the amount of product I was using. Once the oven was completely filled, however, I found that there was an immediate increase in vapor, due to even heat distribution. While some may not prefer to fill the entire oven for each use, I believe this is another testament to the vaporizer's function. It allows you to pack a full supply and take the Transporter as far, and for as long, as you are willing to go.

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