Sesh Supply "Circe" Propeller Perc Fabrege Egg Water Pipe with Colored Glass Accents - Review

The Circe is overall one of the best pieces a smoker could own based off of it’s functionality, design, and easy to use aspect of the piece. It will surely be one of my all time favorite pieces I will ever own!

Posted by Aaron Mckinnon on

The name Circe is derived from the Latin language, and the meaning is based off of the mythological sorceress who tempted Perseus and turned him and his men into animals with the flick of her magical wand. Sounds pretty powerful, right? Thankfully, Sesh Supply created a pipe as powerful as the name of the pipe itself, and it comes in the form of the Circe Propeller Perc Faberge Egg water pipe. The Circe delivers a powerful effect on any user thanks to the pipe’s sleek design, impressive functionality, and the overall easy experience while using this pipe.

The first thing that caught my eye on the Circe pipe was the classy faberge egg shape. There is something so beautiful and attractive about the fab egg shape. The glass on the Circe is thicker than expected, and it has a crisp, clean look to the glass. The next thing to catch my eye were the colors; my eyes were most drawn to the Triple Passion, which is an equal balance between cool and warm colors mixed into a milky way-esque design on the lip of the mouthpiece and throughout the downstem and propeller perc. Once I was able to hold this piece, I felt so much excitement, I knew I had to have it!

I brought my Circe home and immediately got to setting up my piece. I went through my usual routine when setting up a newly purchased pipe: rinsed out the interior, poured fresh, cool water through the joint, water tested the pipe to make sure I had the right water level and double checked to make sure there were no issues or damages. Everything was close to perfect, so I got to packing up my product in the complimentary slide that comes with the piece, lit my hemp wick, and took a long pull. I was initially worried that the airflow was too restrictive, but boy was I wrong.

The Circe pulls quite beautifully. The fab egg shape acts as another perc in itself, which allows for more bubbling of the water when taking a hit so your smoke is cooler. The shape also gathers more smoke for a larger hit. The bent neck is amazing in the fact that it prevents splashback, which was an initial worry of mine! With a cool, smooth hit I was able to taste the wonderful flavor of the product and enjoy the ultimate experience. The propeller perc was such a fun addition to the piece! The propeller makes the piece even more exciting and is a great conversation starter. It is quite loud, so I don’t recommend this piece to anyone who is aiming to be as discreet as possible. One of the most pleasant surprises of this piece is the way it keeps itself cleaner than usual. The narrow shape of the downstem allows for less junk to pass through, which means a cleaner, shinier Circe.

There's not a doubt in my mind that I would recommend this piece to other users, new and experienced. The lightweight shape of the piece makes it easy to hold for new beginners and those who may experience shaky hands, especially since none of the water can come through the piece! This piece doesn’t require the use of a lot of product, so if you’re a dry herb fanatic or a concentrate connoisseur, you’ll be using less product and enjoying more seshes when using the Circe. I would recommend using a glass screen with the bowl and cleaning out this piece after every use, especially when using dry herbs in case some pieces sneak it’s way through the downstem. You can even place a little bit of Rez Block in the water and make it super funky with the different colors of water! The Circe is overall one of the best pieces a smoker could own based off of its functionality, design, and easy to use aspect of the piece. It will surely be one of my all time favorite pieces I will ever own!

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