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Three Monkey Designs Fixed Mini Tube - Review

The Three Monkey Designs Fixed Mini Tube is small, but so powerful!

Posted by Angelica Sorauf on

The Three Monkey Designs Fixed Mini Tube is small, but so powerful! The fixed downstem is great, so there is not much of a set-up process and nothing is sliding around, like with a removable down stem. I enjoy sturdy and stable water pipes that will last me a long time. The quartz banger is a great addition to this water pipe. It looks sleek and hits like a champ. I believe the smaller the rig, the bigger the hit. 
I used both concentrates and dry herb products with this piece, and honestly it works great for both! With concentrates it is easier to conserve product, you really don't need a lot to get a huge hit. For the most part you will probably be using the same amount of dry herb as you would with any other piece - the only difference is, since it is such a small piece there is less space and less time to get all the smoke from the pipe to your lungs! 
It is perfect for using your tobacco products anywhere in the home. The smaller size definitely adds to the functionality of being able to put the pipe in almost every cabinet. This is a great piece for personal use or for big groups. It is light and easy to pass around for when you have company. The Three Monkey Designs Mini Tube offers amazing taste, even without hemp wick.  I was a little concerned that with it being so small it would heat up too quickly with such a small amount of room,  and that the smoke wouldn't stay cool like it would with a bigger water pipe. However, I used room temperature water and still got a cool and very tasty hit

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