Iolite Vaporizer - Product Review

The Iolite was the third vaporizer in my collection.  The other two were relatively cheap off-brand pen-style vapes that I bought on the fly before two separate long roadtrips.  I am not a regular user of vapes, but they are definitely an asset for me if I’m going to be in the car for longer than two hours.  But I picked up the Iolite with a different intention: to simply use it around the house like a classic hand pipe.

Complicated electronics with lots of small parts can tend to trigger some anxiety from me, and when I first opened up the Iolite my smoker heart skipped a beat.   I filled the tank with butane and the heating chamber with a small pinch of my dry herbs, flipped the switch from 0 to 1, and clicked the ignition.  I heard the gas flare up inside and the orange light came on to signal the heating process.  I waited 45 seconds as the instructions said, and took my first breath of Iolite vapors.  It wasn’t nearly as laborious of a process as I thought it would be.

What initially impressed me about the Iolite was the immediate flavor of the vapors.  I was used to that burned popcorn taste that can come from the cheaper pen vapes, and so I was impressed that I could get an actual pleasant flavor from a vaporizer.  The vapors were also considerably less hot, and even at automatic heat I found that I was able to get a good pull without feeling like I was attacking my lungs.  With other vaporizers I tend to bounce between low heat and high heat, but the Iolite always seemed just right.

With the Iolite in hand, I set about the nightly chores in the kitchen that I usually complete with a pipe.  Since the Iolite granted me a free hand without necessitating a torch or lighter, I got into the groove of tidying while also taking hits of vapor.  I think that this was the first time I “got” vaporizing without being behind the wheel of a car.

I continued to vaporize for the next hour or so as I sat down to play a video game with my boyfriend.  Switching the controller, paying attention to what was going on the screen, and simultaneously keeping an eye on our young puppy all became miraculously easier with the vaporizer over our usual water pipe.  No longer did we have to worry about where the lighter was or feel nervous about accidentally knocking something over.  The Iolite was seamlessly fitting into our night with comparable results.  And more importantly, that small pinch of dry herbs lasted much longer than the usual several bowls that we can go through in one sitting.

At the end of the night, we did switch back to the water pipe since it was overall more powerful.  But the vaporizer was perfect to have on me while my focus was elsewhere, since it provided little distraction and excellent flavor.  I will definitely keep the Iolite on me for when I need to buzz around the house or play a game or do some writing on the computer.  And most importantly, it will be my go-to piece when I have a long drive or a camping trip ahead of me.  The Iolite stands high above the other vaporizers that I have experienced, and I am super psyched to have it in my box of goodies alongside the other pieces in my collection.
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