Galaxy E-nail with Quartz Infused All Ceramic Airway - Review

From Day 1 I have been utterly impressed with the Galaxy E-Nail's design and manufacturing and not a day goes by that I am not glad I made the switch to an E-Nail! Not to mention the 3 year warranty that comes along with this baby!

Posted by Colin McDonald on

Galaxy E-Nail

Overall: 5 of 5

Aesthetics: 5 of 5

Function: 5 of 5

Craftsmanship: 5 of 5

The Galaxy E-Nail is one of the premier E-Nails currently on the market and it is well deserving of getting more recognition. This is not only in part to the great quality product they are producing but also because it is made in America and they have excellent customer service, I mean EXCELLENT customer service. Galaxy has managed to put out a device that looks very sleek, functions like a champ, and is extremely well put together. From Day 1 I have been utterly impressed with how much I love the Galaxy E-Nail, and not a day goes by that I am not glad I made the switch to an E-Nail! Not to mention the 3 year warranty that comes along with this baby!

The first thing that caught my eye about the Galaxy E-Nail was the killer design of the piece, it is a very clean looking unit. The “Launch Pad” station design is nicely raised off the ground by the legs, and has a bright LED display to show the temperature in either celsius or fahrenheit. The bottom of the legs have rubber stoppers to help keep the powerhouse in place, and the cords plug very snuggly and the cords have brackets, which screw into place, to keep them from falling out. All of the cords are very thick and wrapped in a protective cover. You can get the dabbing platforms housing in different colors, and the device comes with adapters to fit any type of water pipe.

Surprisingly how cool the Galaxy looks is not what I would say is the highlight to the piece at all, the Galaxy performs like an All-Star! The all ceramic quartz coated platform and heating passageway allow this baby to heat up very quickly and provide some of the cleanest tasting rips you will get off a nail. The dabbing platform is very easy to clean by simply heating up the device to 800 degree fahrenheit for about 15 minutes with a carb cap on top. Once you do this your platform will be as good as new! No matter if you like taking flavor packed low temp rips or you like to turn up the heat milk the smoke and crush massive rips, you will be pleased to know this is capable of maintaining a consistent temperature no matter how you are dabbing!

Galaxy has managed to design and manufacture an amazing product proudly in the U.S.A., and for that reason among many others, I believe they have dominated crafting this device! Every component is very well put together with high quality materials, from the feel of the pieces to the way they look, and instantly you can tell that there were no shortcuts taken when they started this! The kit comes with very nicely made ceramic components that fit together perfectly and the short arm handle does not create a nuisance while using with your water pipe, they also include a carb cap with silicone handle and a dabber tool. If you ever have any components fail or break you can easily get the device fixed under your 3 year warranty, I personally had to go through the warranty process and did so anonymously to see how it went. I kid you not, I could not be happier, I had an older model and they upgraded and fixed mine with new components, they even paid for the shipping! Galaxy also offers a bunch of replacements for purchase if you need to buy them.

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