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KandyPens Donuts Vaporizer Pen - Review

The first thing that struck me about the Donut Pen was the packaging and branding, the KandyPens brand is represented cleanly on the white box the kit comes in, and the cigarette carrying case the Donut comes with features a logo on a smooth leather surface. The carrying case is a nice addition, as some kits come with a box and a bunch of parts, every piece that comes with the Donut fits in the carrying case. The pen itself has a sleek design, mine was all black, and comes in two main parts, the battery and the atomizer/mouthpiece. It was simple to put together, easy to charge with the 510 to USB charger (although I wish they'd included a wall adapter). Off the charge it had in the package I got about a half day of use, after a full charge it lasted all day. The kit also includes a small gold dabber tool, and all the parts have foam cutouts inside the kit.  

I'm a fan of ceramic atomizers, so I was excited to try the Donut's ceramic disk atomizer. There were no coils in the way, so loading the pen was an easier time than I'd had with other devices. Controlling the temperature settings on the Donut is as simple as 3 clicks, going from Red, the lowest setting, to Green, and the highest, Blue. I put mine to the highest settings, and inhaled, finding a very smooth airy vapor with a good amount of flavor. It was much lighter than I expected, and very discreet. 

The Donut is my new pen for on the go, the kit fits everything I need minus my concentrate, holds a charge, and is easy to use discreetly. Assembly and cleaning are simplified by the low number of parts, and it's not something massive and bulky! 

Overall rating 4.25/5

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